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Will Chiranjeevi make it big in politics?

To my knowledge except for MGR (Tamil Nadu) and N T Ramarao (Andhra Pradesh), no other Indian film star made it big in the political arena (will comment on JJ later). Most of them were major flops, which includes great actors like Sivaji Ganesan and Amitabh Bacchan. I sometime fail to understand, why there isn’t any other life pattern. Most stars, in India at least, after having a successful film career, want to get into politics in the name of serving people. In fact serving people and being a good leader are two different things. You surely can serve people even without getting into the dirty politics, and politicians need not be in politics to serve people.

My guest lecture at ‘Madras Christian College’

One of my friends/clients thought that I could talk good on the topic of Internet. And he put me across to a staff working for Madras Christian College, Chennai, who in turn called me to give a guest lecture on the Internet. Well the subject has always interested me a lot – because I started my career with a dotcom, worked only for dotcoms, and today I am making a living out of dotcoms. The Internet has always been a passion for me, and I strongly felt that I should share whatever I know about this particular industry after 11 years of sincere browsing experience.

God saves my ass!

If others don’t appreciate your work or fail to recognize your achievements then the best way to attract attention is by blowing your own trumpet. And that is exactly what I am going to do in this particular blog. I don’t want to blame others because that is how our memory system works – we tend to forget things too soon. Well do you really remember that in 2007 I had predicted that India will win at least one Gold medal in Beijing? I am sure, you don’t.

People whom we don’t want to emulate!

This happened when I wasn’t a professional astrologer. Being the channel manager of Sify Astrology I knew many good astrologers with whom I interacted on a daily basis. And if any of my friends or colleagues needed some professional help, I would recommend some good astrologers to them. In the process I always refused to ask for any special discounts from the astrologers, fearing that it might put them in an embarrassing situation.

When my client read my mind!

One of my close relatives living in Tiruppur recently told me that he/she saw a XXX video of the Tamil filmstar ‘Namita’. Well for the people who don’t know who Namita is just search for her images on google, and you will know who she is, and what she is famous for. I didn’t agree to what my relative said. With my experience with XXX movies, I know many a times they have look alike as the main cast, and a lot of people confuse them with the original. The most recent controversy being actress Trisha’s bathing video - in no scene can you confirm that it was her – may be a look alike again. Still to double check - I searched for Namita’s video on the net for a couple of days but could not find one.

Happy Independence Day!

I always had this doubt in my mind. At your prime age - say between 30 and 50, if you are given an option to settle in the US or in India. What would you choose?

If by chance or by mistake you choose India – then you surely are a true Indian and have all the liberty to celebrate Indian Independence Day!

God Bless All!

Chaotic thoughts!

There is so much to complain about events you are subjected to, but then I thought I would stop complaining for a while – at least till something affects me immensely. A BSNL guy came to rectify some broadband issue. And after the job was done he would never move his butt out. I know what he was expecting. I said, “Mr – I am anti corruption, hence don’t expect anything from me. I can only be a good friend of you and that too if you want.” Totally embarrassed he said, “money is just secondary in life. It is always good to meet people like you.” I am not sure whether he will reach my house the next time I have some broadband issues, but still I won’t corrupt him. And this remains true for all the government officials I would meet in future – “no corruption charges for anyone.”

I got my third ‘baby’!

There was no blogs for a couple of days as I was very busy with my third baby. Yeah she was delivered to me on July 25th, 2008. Of course I am not the one who will listen to government’s advise about how many babies a family should have – as if they feed them. Whether you have 2 children or 10, the tax you pay remains the same. No concession whatsoever, so why restrain yourself from having many?

I have lost a bit of respect for ‘Rajini Kanth!’

One of my clients - who knew that I watched Rajini previous flick ‘Sivaji’ first day, first show, first row – buzzed me to ask whether I have already watched Super Star’s latest release ‘Kuselan,’ and I said, “no.” I will wait, and I am in no hurry.

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