Will Chiranjeevi make it big in politics?

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To my knowledge except for MGR (Tamil Nadu) and N T Ramarao (Andhra Pradesh), no other Indian film star made it big in the political arena (will comment on JJ later). Most of them were major flops, which includes great actors like Sivaji Ganesan and Amitabh Bacchan. I sometime fail to understand, why there isn’t any other life pattern. Most stars, in India at least, after having a successful film career, want to get into politics in the name of serving people. In fact serving people and being a good leader are two different things. You surely can serve people even without getting into the dirty politics, and politicians need not be in politics to serve people.

There are many factors that went into MGR’s and N T Rama Rao’s political career, which most people tend to ignore. In fact they both were more of a politician than actors in real life too.

Aringar Anna, the last good leader of Tamil Nadu and the founder of DMK, never wanted MGR to succeed him. He in fact wanted MGR to use his silver screen popularity to promote DMK as a party and its ideologies for the betterment of Tamils. Anna always wanted M Karunanidhi to take over him. But after Anna’s unexpected death, MGR, as a good politician used his popularity and also the political mileage he already had gained through movies, launched his own party - AIADMK. He sidelined Karunanidhi completely, and never allowed him to remain the CM for more than 2 years.

Jaya Lalithaa happened to be the right hand of MGR all through his life, and was subjected to politics and political events for more than 20 years after her film career. So the moral of the story is MGR or Jaya Lalithaa never became CMs of Tamil Nadu just because they were good actors. They became CMs because they were good leaders and also they had dedicated their lives to Tamil Nadu politics.

NTR didn’t have much experience in politics, but still made it big by using the popularity he had gained through his film career. But it was the time, when people thought what was shown on the silver screen is completely real. In fact people had NTR’s photo as Lord Krishna in their puja rooms once upon a time. The scenario isn’t the same today - even an auto rickshaw guy talks about background score and screenplay flaws. People today know for sure that what is shown on the silver screen, need not be true at all!

Vijay Kanth has launched a party in Tamil Nadu, Sharad Kumar has launched a party Tamil Nadu, and Rajini Kanth might launch a party in Tamil Nadu – but none of them will become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – at least for 20 years from the date of their party launch! And this holds true for Chiranjeevi also – he won’t become the CM of his state for the next 20 years.

Until and unless you know the in and out of Indian politics, until and unless you are a good ‘leader’, and until and unless you are a good politician – no bugger or beggar is going to vote for you. Of course being good actors, these guys can pull a lot of crowd, that even Jenna Jameson can do for obvious reasons. But will they win elections, and will they become the CM of their respective states is highly doubtful – logically and as well as astrologically!

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