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These days there is nothing to think about and nothing to write about. Not that life has become perfect, but still - nothing bothers me. Life is still, and at the same time moving ahead. I don’t desire, and I don’t aspire. I don’t seek, and I don’t ask. I don’t pray, and I don’t complain. I am just flowing and just doing things, which I am asked to. I don’t have any thoughts, and I don’t have any worries. Life has moved to stillness, and I think it has halted at ‘nothingness’ – temporarily. Will blog soon…..

Donate wisely!

There is a general perception - if you donate you are a nice human being, and if you don’t you aren’t. I have never donated anything to Kargil funds, I have never donated a single paisa to Tsunami affected people, I have never sponsored CRY child, and I never will donate anything to Bihar floods. Of course I believe in donation and also helping people, but I also am bothered about the funds being used correctly.

In Thrisshur!

I am traveling to Thrisshur (Kerala) for one of my friends’ marriage. I will be there on 3rd, 4th and 5th September. If anyone wants to get in touch with me ‘just like that’ – give me a call. My number is 92813 09013.

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