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There is a general perception - if you donate you are a nice human being, and if you don’t you aren’t. I have never donated anything to Kargil funds, I have never donated a single paisa to Tsunami affected people, I have never sponsored CRY child, and I never will donate anything to Bihar floods. Of course I believe in donation and also helping people, but I also am bothered about the funds being used correctly.

Why I didn’t donate for Kargil funds?

To be honest I don’t hate Pakistanis at all. If I were the Prime Minister, the first thing I probably would do is re-unite India and Pakistan. Hence I never wanted to put my money in killing someone who wasn’t a direct threat to me. I surely would sponsor any terrorist group if they promise to eradicate corruption in Indian politics.

Cross border firing was never new, but Kargil issue was deliberately blown out of proportion by A B Vajpayee to divert people’s attention and to save his otherwise shaky government. Thanks to Kargil - A B Vajpayee could complete his 5 years tenure without any problems.

These days I have few Pakistani clients – who really are good human beings. They don’t hate Indians as much as we think they do. Politicians always want this hatred to persist among people so that they can enjoy power and meet their selfish desires. Thank God I didn’t donate for Kargil.

And there is another news report, which says that the number of army men who die by committing suicide in India are much more than army men who die in wars!

Why I didn’t donate for Tsunami Relief?

Tsunami was one of the most unexpected natural calamities to hit human beings and human psyche. None could have predicted that seawater can cross its border and affect us so much. We always thought we could reclaim any amount of land, build houses, sell them at high rates (suiting our own greed), and fool the nature. We never thought when nature hits back, it hits back real hard.

The government has provided houses for the fishermen at a safe distance from the shore. But these fishermen rent that place to someone else, and live in huts very close to the sea, where they don’t pay any rent! In fact most people who died in Tsunami were people who lived in these huts. The buildings remained unaffected. And all blamed the nature for the catastrophe.

‘Old’ clothes, funds, money, ration all flew to help the affected people. After accepting enough clothes, the people refused to accept any more. Hence tons and tons of clothes sent were wasted on the way. Every affected family had 3 stoves, 6 blankets, and couple of sleeping bags sent from Europe. These people never knew what a sleeping bag was. They all took them to T Nagar and sold them at decent prices. After a couple of days of limelight, they refused to accept anything but cash. They were clear, if you want to help just give us cash.

NGOs would collect funds, handover it to the people, take a photograph, and leave. And the one who got the money would rush to the nearest wine shop and booze like there is no tomorrow. Hence there was substantial increase in liquor sale during Tsunami days.
I am not saying don’t help, but help wisely. You cannot donate few lakhs to a fisherman for he wouldn’t know what to do with it.

To be continued….

Why I keep myself away from CRY?
And why I won’t donate for Bihar floods!

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