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When will it rain?

It was raining heavily in Chennai for couple of days, and people were clueless about when it will stop. In fact it is very easy to guess it. Whenever the meteorological department asks the government to announce holidays for schools, it simply means that it won’t rain that day. And the next 2 days will be full of scorching heat. Day before yesterday, the government announced holidays for schools, and the rain stopped. And since yesterday sun is shining as bright as it can.

Change in Mobile Number – 92813 09013

My mobile phone conked after 4 years of dedicated service to her master. Hence instead of repairing it, I thought I would let her die. I surely will pray for her soul to rest in peace. My new mobile number is ‘92813 09013’, and guess what? My new mobile is still a ‘virgin’!


When things don’t go the way you want them to, then it is always better to change yourself. I am a movie freak, and when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to – I decided NOT to visit multiplexes. I somehow hate being checked by the security guys. Of course they are doing it for our own safety, but then terrorists never think the usual way. Another thing I always hated was to buy something that is sold for more than MRP. For the same reason I stopped going to Mayajaal, and I also stopped going to Inox. And then God send me a blessing – http://www.seventymm.com!

I felt happy!

One of my college friends is a Sub Inspector in the Tamil Nadu Police Department now. He never had any plans to become one though. He had a good physique, and was kind of athletic too. But these were not the things, which got him selected. He had one important prerequisite, which got him the coveted role - he had Rs 2 lakhs cash ready. To my knowledge in Tamil Nadu none can become the Sub Inspector of police – without paying 2 lakhs as corruption fee. How foolish are we to expect honesty from people who themselves got the post only after corruption?

I wanted to say ‘fuck you’!

Every dog has its day, and I think it is mine these days. I got a business call from someone working for http://www.tamilnadu.com recently. He spoke about how big his site was, and how they would love to have me on their site, and how all I will be benefited monetarily. The deal was simple, I have to pay Rs 2000 per year, and they will showcase me on their site. He promised that he would get me many NRI clients (as if without NRIs Indian astrologers will die of starvation), and make my business flourish. I said, I already have many clients, and sometimes I don’t find time to finish their orders on time.

Do not panic!

I am not an economist. And honestly I don’t understand the difference between a bullish market and a bearish market. But still I think I understand what is coming. When the market touched 19000 points in November 2007, I had predicted that it would come to 10 k to 12 k points soon. And today it is somewhere at 11 k. The simple truth is – it was bad news when it touched 19 k, and it is good news that it has touched 11k.

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