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Mumbai attacks!

The greed for power, the greed to rule over someone, and the greed to prove oneself right – is one of the main reasons for any kind of violence. And every human being is naturally born with it. I don’t want to take any sides - for me killing someone - for whatever reason is wrong – whether you are on the terrorist’s (freedom fighter’s) side or policemen’s side doesn’t really matter. Of course Gita (meaning Bhagwatgeeta) says, “righteousness should always win” – but we (as a citizen) can never know the real truth by watching biased media, and by listening to hypocritical political statements. The other side of the coin is always hidden. Gita also says – even a leaf cannot move without my consent – in that case deaths of both terrorists and policemen were part of the divine plan! I think none can deny it.

Life is a game!

I have been playing this game called ‘Tomb Raider Anniversary’ edition, which I think is considered to be one of the best games by most gamers. I should accept - it is really tough to crack few secrets. In fact I have fallen in virtual love with Lara Croft already. Just 2 days back I was stuck at one place for nearly 2 hours without knowing what to do next? Thank god - I somehow cleared the path and went to the next level. With more and more gaming – I have come to realize something very important about human life pattern. And I think there is a lot to learn through these computer games.

Exclusive Services!

Sometimes we have so many things to ask but then hate to go through the long process of getting our questions answered. Sometimes we are in a hurry, and we hate to wait. The world has changed, and people have lost something important called patience. In this regard I thought of a service that could be helpful for my existing clients who trust me and have faith in my predictions.

Just a small interview…..

I was interviewed by last week for my inputs on Feng Shui. Here is the article….have a look….,flstry-1.cms

My gaming experience!

I think I started living my real life only after I quit my 9 to 9 job. Till then probably I swam in the opposite direction to succeed in life. And when I tried to surrender to the almighty, I did one simple thing – I turned back. I turned back to flow with the divine, and I am totally amazed at what God had to offer. Well I got my first payment check from Google Ads this month, and I got a Play Station 2 for my nephew with the money!

How do I handle this?

He is in the US now, and I had predicted that for him long back. I never quoted what my ongoing charges were, and always gave him the liberty to pay me what he felt right. He always wanted me to chat at odd hours (late night), when I usually don’t see charts – but then I did chat with him sometimes for free. And I think just because I am online on Yahoo messenger doesn’t that mean I should reply to everyone all the time. I am not a public person neither would want to be one. I have a family, and honestly I don’t find any valid reason to dedicate my life completely to the service of people. My honest opinion is Human Beings are the most selfish and self-centered creation that exists on the planet.

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