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Bookmark and Share Sometimes we have so many things to ask but then hate to go through the long process of getting our questions answered. Sometimes we are in a hurry, and we hate to wait. The world has changed, and people have lost something important called patience. In this regard I thought of a service that could be helpful for my existing clients who trust me and have faith in my predictions.

Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!

Answers to 'unlimited' questions for 'ONE' complete year (12 months from the day of order)! - 603 USD (per horoscope)

Here is what you get -

*Yearly prediction for the next 12 months - which comes free with this service
*Answers to unlimited questions related to ONE chart (ask only about your life, and not about your neighbour's wife)
*Access to my astrological predictions all through the year (365 days) via mail or messenger

Me - your family astrologer?! - 2007 USD

Get astrological predictions for everyone in the family and get direct answers that relate to your career growth, spouse's career growth, children's education, parents' health, investment plans, foreign travels, health problems and relationship with one another.

Here is what you get -

*You can access me 365 days via mail or chat.
* General analysis of every one's chart with yearly prediction comes 'free' with this particular service.
*This service is for families comprising 4 individuals.

Other important points to note

*Answers will be provided within 48 hours (that is I will try to)
*There would be no room for counselling and debates - I will just predict and leave it there
*Remedial measures will be provided only if I feel it is needed
*I won't be teaching astrology or discussing astrological rules
*The consultation/chat will ONLY be astrological - meaning you cannot ask me who will be the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu

Please note - I would love to have a cordial relationship with you and always would want peace to prevail. It won't happen that just because you have paid me for the year I would be dancing to your tunes. If at any time I feel that you are just trying to be smart - I will stop, and your money will be refunded completely. Got more doubts?

Drop me a mail at - kennedig@yahoo.com


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