December 2008 Archives wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

‘Inshallah’ I will be on a pilgrimage to Sabariamala for a week or so starting January 1st, 2009. Hence I won’t be able to answer your mails or take your calls or buzz you back on Yahoo messenger.

Meanwhile may Lord Jesus bless you and your family with a year full of joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

God Bless All!

I am out of ‘’s Astrology Website!

Skanda Subramanian, impressed with my non-sensical musings on my blog site, went ahead to place an order for astrological consultation with me on He came to know about me through my blog site hence it could have made more sense if he had consulted me directly instead of going through But as everything has a divine reason, his placing an order on (aka also had a divine reason. A ‘MAJOR’ truth was about to be revealed in the process.

If you are full of shit, then please keep your mouth shut!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. Interesting because I have been meeting funny characters. And just today handled 2 such cases. One talked to me as if I am a baniya, and second talked to me as if I am an asshole.

My difficult times – part 6 - last!

I have known about two important philosophies of life – the first one which says - when one door closes, another opens, and the second which says – nothing, I mean NOTHING in this world happen without a reason. I don’t know about others, but these universal truths worked perfectly in my case. I came to know about, while dealing with them for Sify. After my Sify episode, I asked people at astroyogi, if they would mind taking me as one of the panel astrologers. They gave me a chart to analyze the past, present and future, and they were kind of impressed by my reading. They took me on their panel immediately, and after that there was no looking back. I surely am grateful to them for helping me when I needed them the most.

My difficult times – part 5 – last but one!

I was too optimistic I guess. Rather than asking for help, I wanted others to ask me whether I need some help or not. Well in this scenario too out of all the people I knew the only person who asked me if I need any financial help was my American chat friend, whom I met in the year 2000 through AOL. Her husband was having some problems on work front that time, but still she told me, “if you need any help let me know, will send you some money.” I immediately asked her, “but then you won’t be having much because of your husband’s career problems.” And she said, “I will share what I have!” Her words were like a rejuvenating tonic to me, and I was double assured that I have taken the right decision.

My difficult times – part 4!

We have had our differences. I left home once, and my wife left home once on a different day. She left home and stayed at Pondicherry ashram, and I left home wanting to stay at Shiv Shankar Baba’s ashram for a day or two. On my 1-hour ride to the ashram, many things crossed my mind, and it was one of the most enlightening ride I have ever had in my life.

My difficult times – part 3!

My grandfather was an astrologer. My father, an MTNL employee, knew astrology and had done many good predictions for relatives and friends. But then I never learnt anything from my father. In fact my mother – a staunch Christian – never wanted my father to teach me astrology. Whatever I know about astrology, and whatever I am today as an astrologer– is just because of my teacher K. Gopalakrishnan (, and none else. I am always grateful to him for 2 important reasons. One – because he was kind enough to accept me as his student, and secondly because he taught me astrology without holding back anything.

My difficult times – part 2!

Before I go onto the blog, I wanted to share a good news. The ‘Male Chauvinist Club’, which was formed on 2nd December 2008, has 27 members already. Well that is indeed motivating for a 4-day-old club. More than the number I am happy that men still haven’t lost the ability to think beyond women. If you want to become a member - just send me a mail with the subject that says – “I am proud to be a man!” If the number touches 100, we can have a sponsored booze party at any of the Star Hotels (we surely can ask terrorists to keep their hands off on that particular day). Come join ‘The Male Chauvinist Club – the only place under sun where women are banned completely.’

On to the blog…

My difficult times – part 1

Human beings love to sympathize with others because it gives you an immense ego boost. We love to spend time with people whose life is equally screwed like ours or with someone whose situation is even worse than ours. And we usually don’t like people who are happy - may we feel it is an insult to our self-respect. This particular set of blogs is not to create any kind of sympathy from anyone – which includes friends, foes, and strangers - but it is an attempt to tell the ‘truth’ as it is.

2009 Yearly Predictions – Just for ‘YOU’!

The yearly predictions are done based upon your Ascendant (Lagna), and not your Moon sign (Rasi) or Sun sign (based on date of birth). Important planetary positions and important transits like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are very well taken into consideration. For personalized predictions it is always advisable to consult an astrologer.

Mesha Lagna (Aries Ascendant)

There will be steadiness in your career. Increase in income and lift in career can be expected. Increase in responsibilities will come your way – in the sense promotion at work place is on the cards.

The Male Chauvinist Club!

Let me be honest. Apart from the sex factor, I have always found men better companions than women. You need not cajole them, you need not hold hands, you need not buy them sodas and you need not put up with their strange headaches. Just crack few jokes and the relationship is back into action. And I strongly feel – men all over the world think the same! Keeping that in mind I had an idea, which if manifested correctly - can make men live a better and wholesome life.

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