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Can we bank on them?

My sister had opened a current account in Axis bank, and the minimum balance to be maintained was 10 k. She religiously maintained the minimum balance, but there was no transaction as such from the day it was started. Once she wanted to withdraw some cash and she was shocked to see the balance - the amount was automatically reduced to 6 k from 10 k.

Fleeting thoughts!

*I felt a bit uncomfortable when A R Rahman won the Oscars. On one side I was happy that he got what he deserved but then on the other side I was a bit jealous. I don’t know the ABCD of music and I am in no way his competitor – but still I was unsure about this funny feeling inside me. It was much later I understood that it wasn’t because of the awards he won but it was because of the mass attention he as an ‘individual’ attracted. Not all are born with this kind of destiny!

The Happening!

Two reasons I don’t blog regularly these days – one I remain busy, and second when I am not busy, I am lazy. Well to be honest – this recession has helped me a lot for obvious reasons. May be that is why people say – life goes in cycle – when someone is doing well, others don’t and someone isn’t doing well, someone does. So overall he economy remains steady - more or less.

‘Satyam’eve Jayete!

Some one who founded a brand, someone who got foreign money into India, someone who gave a new meaning to IT, and someone who provided employment to 1000s and fed their families and children for almost an decade is screwed royally by the media and the people around. And the 40 political bastards who got into a pub and thrashed 4 girls for having a good time are on bail moving out freely! That is what is ‘Satyameve Jayete’ in Indian context!

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