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My spiritual journey so far – part 3!

Someone told me that you could improve your English language skills and also your vocabulary if you read a lot of novels. I wanted to start reading but was completely clueless about where to start. Unfortunately I started off with Mills and Boons series, and till date I could not find anything more useless than them under the sun.

My spiritual journey so far – part 2!

I studied well, scored average marks, and thankfully never failed in any of subjects in my life. I was happy with my education, my father was happy too. But then there was always a vacuum lingering in my mind – and I never could understand what this vacuum was. The world was too fast and the world was too materialistic for me to understand what I really wanted in my life.

My spiritual journey so far – part 1!

Being born to a Hindu father and a Christian mother I always had a choice to select my own religion. My father had a separate puja room – with photos of Ganapthy, Lord Shiva et al and my mom had a separate one – which had photos of Jesus, Mother Mary and St Antony. Well for me – the different colorful photos mattered only during my exam times. I always had one prayer on mind – “let me not forget whatever I have studied” – and thankfully I never did.

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