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I have many dreams….part 1

“What is your dream?” Asked one of my clients and a series of dreams rushed to my minds, which were nurtured in me for many years now. I was instantly reminded of Martin Luther King Jr. who had a dream of equal rights for both black and white. But his dreams were never achieved completely in his lifetime. It gave me an interesting insight - which convinced me that the dreams you posses need not be manifested by the dreamer himself. They can in fact become an acceptable and achievable concept for generations to come because individual life is too short to dream big and also to have the time, money and power to make it happen.

8 mns that might change your stance!

“My samosas are quite famous”

Last Sunday I left my home to visit the Shirdi Sai Baba temple on ECR. This is one of the few temples I visit frequently. I love it because of its serenity, and also public nuisance happens to be lesser as this is a private temple. I drove down to the temple and found it unusually crowded. I didn’t stop my car, just turned back from the parking place and thought would come visit other time. With change in my lifestyle, I have started to hate crowds for sure.

Death of the LTTE founder and leader V Prabhakaran was good news for many and bad news for few. It is good news for people who are ignorant about the past and who have limited vision about the future. Prabhakaran was of course born in Tamil Nadu, and a lot of Tamils had migrated to Sri Lanka, but then NOT all Tamils were migrants. There isn’t any history that all Tamils who lived and existed in Sri Lanka were from Tamil Nadu. In fact there isn’t any history about who are the natives of Sri Lanka – the Tamils or the Sinhalese. The truth is - they always existed together. Hence the language or the dialect the Sri Lankan Tamils use is different and far more superiors than Tamil spoken in Tamil Nadu.

God ‘fucks’ me royally!

A female (yahoo messenger ID - swetharaj27) buzzed me today on Yahoo messenger. She asked me to do three simple things – 1) stop calling myself an Astro expert, 2) stop cheating my clients 3) and to quit astrology. The reason was simple too – ‘my wrong predictions about Elections 2009.’ They were completely off the mark, except one. Thankfully I didn’t get angry. I coolly asked her to go home and fuck herself.

Elections 2009!

As a responsible citizen of India – I didn’t vote this time too. I never vote and that is one of my vows. I will write a new blog about why I don’t vote and would never want to vote. For now let me answer few questions my friend asked me over the phone today.

My spiritual journey so far – part 8!

What if sitting in Chennai, you can say the colour of the dress your friend is wearing in Mumbai or Bangalore (of course without webcams)? What if by looking at someone you can say his educational qualification? What if you can tell someone their vehicle model and also its colour, by looking into their energy fields? What if you can just read minds, tell the problem, and also predict life events without allowing the other person open his mouth? And finally what if I said – those things became possible for me?

My spiritual journey so far – part 7!

I had read a 200-page volume about Kundalini awakening. I had attended those ‘VIBGYOR’ meditation camps, which ask you to think about different chakras in different colours. And after my kundalini experience, I have also attended meditation centers that claim to place your kundalini between your eyebrows on the very 2nd day of meditation. To me – they are all useless attempts and some of them are fake ways of making instant money. In fact the real thing happens in the most effortless moment.

My spiritual journey so far – part 6!

I visited my teacher’s house to learn few meditation techniques, and was completely impressed by his lifestyle. He didn’t have any dress code, he did not report to anyone, he never had any fake KRA/KPIs, and he never had any time frames. People would drop in, consult him, pay him and go. I admired his lifestyle, and very badly wanted a similar lifestyle - but never knew if it was part of my destiny.

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