God ‘fucks’ me royally!

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A female (yahoo messenger ID - swetharaj27) buzzed me today on Yahoo messenger. She asked me to do three simple things – 1) stop calling myself an Astro expert, 2) stop cheating my clients 3) and to quit astrology. The reason was simple too – ‘my wrong predictions about Elections 2009.’ They were completely off the mark, except one. Thankfully I didn’t get angry. I coolly asked her to go home and fuck herself.

Mundane astrology is a serious game. And thank God I don’t belong to the category of astrologers who give astrological reasoning after the real event is over – this includes predictions by Nostradamus too. Ninety nine per cent of astrological magazines across the globe are full of those craps (Astro reasoning after the real event) – and they of course make good business. In the days to follow, every Tom, Dick and Harry will write about why Congress came to power, and why JJ failed miserably. These are people who play it safe, because your whole credibility is at stake when you get into predicting real events.

I don’t belong to the category of astrologers who talk in terms of possibilities or chances – like it could be BJP but then Congress have more chances. And also thankfully I don’t belong to the category of astrologers – who say two different things to two different publications at the same time. And then show off only those, which have come true.

I predicted the elections and kept it for longer period of time on the site, without writing a new one, so that all my readers read it first. I am least bothered about my credibility factor for I know if clients stop coming to me – God will open another avenue for me, which will be far better than the present. I want my clients to know about my life’s journey – and that is why I blog. And I don’t blog to advertise myself.

When mundane predictions go wrong, advises flow from various directions. Novices open their big mouths and non-believers get enough reasons to point fingers at astrology and astrologers. I only pity them for their ignorance.

Answer me this –

If Sachin Tendulkar gets out at zero, do people say he has to quit cricket? Or does the world say he doesn’t know how to play cricket?

If Mani Ratnam’s movie flops at the box office, do people say he doesn’t know to make movies? That he has to quit making movies?

If people die at the hands of doctors, do people say he doesn’t know to cure hence he has to quit being a doctor?

Why is that only in astrology 100 per cent accuracy is expected? Like any other profession mundane astrology is about consistency. My 2008 predictions were on dot – Indian winning Gold medal at Olympics, Jodha Akbar being a Super hit, medical scam et al. People didn’t start falling on my feet for that. Did they? May be they thought it was just a fluke.

The wrong predictions didn’t shatter my ego at all. I continue to carry a king size ego, and I surely have positive feeling about the predictions that were made –

Vijay Kanth & Chiranjeevi flopped as predicted on August 29, 2008 (Visit this URL - http://www.askenni.com/archives/2008/08/will_chiranjeev.html), Congress won in AP (as predicted this time), and L K Advani isn’t the PM (may be I said that in a different context).

And the best solace for me is – none of GOOD astrologers of India got the prediction right this time.

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