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Auroville Horrible!

My social life has become zero. And after becoming an astrologer, I don’t have any friends either. All my friends have become my clients with time. And to be honest I love it that way. A life of a loner is what I have always dreamt of, and by God’s grace it has been blessed. Of course I have a wife, two beautiful daughters, and a supporting family, but then still – being alone gives me the most pleasure - god knows for what reason!

My take on legalizing homosexuality!

What we think or do is right or wrong depending upon what the judiciary says or changes with time to time. Bringing 5 kgs of gold into India was termed smuggling prior to 1992 and today it isn’t smuggling anymore. Any unnatural sexual activity was considered crime so far, and in days to come people might have debate about what ‘unnatural’ actually means. If the judiciary had to peep into people’s bedrooms, I am sure none will go scot-free. I am sure none understands the difference between natural and unnatural. What does the legal book say about oral sex – is it natural or unnatural? Or about anal sex - is it natural or unnatural? Or about 69-position - is it natural or unnatural?

The Burger King Ad controversy!

“Lalit K Jha Washington - A US-based Hindu advocacy group has asked American fast food chain Burger King to immediately remove an advertisement campaign featuring goddess Lakshmi, which it says is "offensive" to the people of the faith. Washington-based Hindu American Foundation said Burger King is running a print advertisement in Spain that depicts an image of the goddess seated atop a meat sandwich and other foodstuffs with the catch phrase, "A snack that''s sacred," in Spanish.” That is the latest controversial ad news.

Union Budget - what difference does it make to me?

When young budgets didn’t matter to me and today they don’t make any difference to me. People are glued to TV when budgets are announced, it is big news for the media, the stock market rises sometimes and falls sometimes, and the budgets news become talk of the town for a couple of days. But then what difference does it make to the ‘aam aadmi’? Or on the first place who is that ‘aam aadmi’? And does ‘aam aadmi’ exists for real?

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