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I felt ‘fucking’ embarrassed!

These days I am spending good amount of time with Joseph, an Israeli biologist, who is setting up a fish farm in Chennai, which will start exporting ornamental fish soon. I usually don’t admire people. Not that because I don’t want to, but because I rarely meet people with high caliber. The last person I admired in my life was my teacher K Gopalakrishnan ( And almost after 7 years I am meeting someone who knows what he is doing – ‘perfectly’!

Take care of your children!

Child abuse isn’t a new phenomenon. It was always there since human civilization. Just that these days the media tries to create a lot of noise when such event occurs. Of course people’s awareness towards the subject has increased, but the main reasons for it to occur on the first place are the parents themselves! I have noticed ‘nonsensical’ moms buying cloths for their children, just because the dress looks cute! This includes mini skirts, and see through which these moms probably were not allowed to wear when they were kids! The first rule is – when the kids grow let their dress grow too. And ‘moms’ – please try to see the world from a man’s eyes too before it is too late.

Mudhal Konal, Mutrum Konal!

For non-Tamizhs - the heading is a beautiful Tamizh saying, which essentially means – “if the first step is crooked, the end result is gonna be crooked too.”

Recently a good friend/client of mine asked me an interesting question. “Say there is a close friend of yours who consults you regularly, but pays you less. And there is another client (not a friend necessarily), who consults you too but then pays you more.” “Now on a particular day both of them need to consult you urgently at the same time – whom will you give preference to?”

The more I know, the more I am unknown!

‘This particular blog is dedicated to my cousin (brother) P K Kumar and Mr Joseph Itzkovich (Israel).”

As I rewind my memories, I remember the day when my dad bought me my first fish tank. I was just 7 then and I was thankfully too young to clean it every week. My sisters managed the show, and I would just sit and watch the fish swimming. All that I was told was – buy some sand, have oxygen equipment, keep a filter, and leave some colorful fish. The tank was more of a showpiece and we never had any problems having it that way.

Are you 'proud' to be an Indian?

TV Channels are showing newly released movies. Corporate are using the tri-colour to push their businesses in the name of patriotism. Politicians are all ga ga about India’s development and its so-called bright future. Film stars, who prefer a holiday in Paris or Mauritius, are busy saying – how and why they feel proud to be an Indian. NRIs are all set to celebrate I-Day in a foreign land. And as the Supreme Court in recent time has given a go ahead to every Tom, Dick and Harry to hoist the national flag, I, with many others, have been called to attend a Flag Hoisting ceremony by an area president, for whom this could be the last alternative to prove his existence. Well I am not going to attend the function for a simple reason that I don’t feel proud to be an Indian!

Quick Gun Murugan - Zimbly Hillarious!

Hindi - promo

Swine Flu!

Kindly don’t apply any scientific logic. Just burn karpur (karpuram) and dhoop (sambrani) at home twice a day – morning and evening. If your children are allergic to smoke – even then don’t worry – wheezing can be cured anyways.

Whom are we fooling?

Rakhi Sawant finally chose the best partner from the lot and also got engaged to him. Unlike few think, Svayamwar isn’t a new concept in India and it has not revolutionized anything – neither feminism nor women power. It has always been part of Indian civilization, where women chose their partners - based upon the power they possessed. Sita married Ram through Swayamwar, and if Ram had been unsuccessful in breaking that bow – Sita would have got married to someone else. Of course I am not comparing Sita with Rakhi Sawant!

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