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Clarification, Declaration, Announcement!

I got a mail from someone who went and placed an order for my services on – i.e., the Times of India group’s Astro portal! And it is almost 9 months I walked away from because they cheat the customers in the name of astrology. Hence I have an important announcement to make here –

I do consultations ‘only’ through the following sites –

If you find my name on any other sites please drop me a mail at

Do corporate think Astrologers are dumb?

Some take astrology too seriously and some consider it as a mere entertainment. Both are perfectly fine. This wonderful divine art opens the way you want it to. If you are serious – you will get some good predictions. And if you are not serious – it will make you happy for the day with all the adjectives added. Today serious astrology is a bit expensive, and cheap astrology is just a SMS away. Many ‘top’ telecom companies are or have already got into providing Sun sign predictions to their clients. And they are majorly getting into providing customized predictions to their customers too. In this particular blog I am putting up a few mail exchanges, between someone and me who is getting into it very seriously.

Get your ‘Saturn Transit’ prediction!

I don’t want to bombard you with astrological jargons. Just close your eyes for a moment and rewind your life. You will notice one stark truth that – many ‘MAJOR’ changes took place in your life between August 2007 and September 2009. Few changed jobs, few lost jobs, few got a new girlfriend, few god married, few changed their house, few invested in house, few lost in stocks, few gained in stocks, few delivered children, few started their own business, few traveled abroad and few came back to India! And these events indeed were the effect of Saturn transit on your personal life!

Beware! You could become a serious hobbyist!

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