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Corporate gyaan after a long time!

Eight years of corporate life was quit 5 years back! And back then - everyone I loved and everyone I hated had a similar question running on top of their minds. “How will Kennedi survive with one wife, 2 kids, and without a high paying job on hand?” Well the truth is I am still alive and rocking and so is my family. Not being part of the corporate world doesn’t mean that gyaan cannot flow through me… here it is….

Computing without computers!

Jai ho!!

Mon, Nov 23 02:06 PM
Agra, Nov 23 (IANS) When constable and sportswoman Anita Yadav went to meet a top Agra police official with her prized possessions - two golds and one bronze medal won at the November athletics championships in Malaysia - she could scarcely imagine what lay in store.

For childless couples….

One thing I desperately wait the whole year is my visit to Lord Ayyappa shrine in Sabarimala. There isn’t any particular reason that I get attracted to Him, but then I love the process of complete abstinence. I don’t want to count the number of times I have visited Sabarimala, but then the only prayer I have ever had was – “I need to quit the corporate world,” and it got manifested the very next year. Before that year or any year after that - I never had any prayers as such for my family members or me!

Gays aren’t different. They are sexually ‘challenged’!

Till 5 pm IST, 15th November, 2009
I had this soft corner for gays, thinking they are sexually different and they have different sexual orientation. And if by chance any gay had made any move towards me – I probably would have ignored him decently or made him patiently understand that I am a heterosexual and not a gay.

Post 7 pm IST, 15th November, 2009
I can bet my head that gays aren’t sexually different, but they are mere sexual bastards wanting to justify their perversion. And if by chance any gay makes any move towards me – I will give them 2 tight slaps first and then a kick on their balls.

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