Will Andhra Pradesh split!

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On March 2008 I had blogged the following -

"If 'personal identity' weren't a problem we would have never fought with the British for freedom! I strongly feel that British governance was far better than the present Indian joke of democracy, but we still fought against them because we wanted our own people to rule on us. We thought people with similar 'personal identities' would be better than the firangs."

"This phenomenon of 'personal identity' depends on various factors like tradition, civilization, history, colour, caste, creed, religion, borders et al. And all of us knowingly or unknowingly are driven by at least one of them, and could become restless if we find a threat to any of our belief system."

"I know talking about this particular topic would be nonsensical in the 21st Century, when the world is moving towards universal brotherhood and towards becoming a global village. But then India already has 2 new states in the last 10 years, and Darjeeling is now asking for different statehood. And astrologically in the coming 50 years, I strongly feel that India will split into more states and countries based on 'personal identity.'"

Here is the link -


As of today a separate Telengana is a political issue, but then with time it will be the people of Telengana who will be the deciding factor about a separate state - and they surely will win in the process. A separate Telengana is inevitable, and Andhra Pradesh will split in a matter of time.

And I am sure this splitting of states won't stop and will continue in the coming years too. India will be split into more states and also more countries in the coming decades based on 'personal identity'.

I personally feel that this splitting of states is better in the long run because in the process - management, governance and development become easier for the local people.

God Bless All

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