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Just a 'dream' isn't sufficient!

The easiest way to live life is to get educated using parents money and get employed wherever you get a job and be happy about it. The lesser you are subjected to struggles, the more the possibility that you will live and die a mediocre. But the moment you aspire to make it really big in life remember you should be completely ready to get fucked royally by all - and the irony is, there is no 100 per cent guarantee that you will make it BIG!

It is all about how 'we' look at things!

There is a beautiful Indian philosophy which says, 'when the disciple is ready, the master appears.' It doesn't mean that an enlightened master from the Himalayas will walk into your life someday and accept you as a disciple to show you the path. It means that once you become an 'ideal' disciple then the whole world will look like your master! The readiness of the disciple is what is to be understood here more than the availability of the master.

Thanks Kamini!

Kamini is a 'nobody' for me. Instead of making her a celebrity on my site by writing about the nasty comment she made against me for no mistake of mine, I should have completely ignored her and written something about the Hindu religion. I didn't do that. Instead of getting angry or impatient I thought I will post my 'honest' reaction to the event! And the end result....

Marriage Matching

You cannot escape marriage - at least if you are an Indian. After you are educated, and after your get a decent job or if you are nearing 30 years of age - the first question people ask isn't about your role in the company, or which car you possess or how much bank balance you have? The only question they ask is - are you married? If no, then when are you going to get married? Here is a set of services, which will help you select a better life partner - at least to avoid the embarrassment of being a bachelor or spinster!

Please note - this service is ONLY for marriage between normal man and woman and not between gays or between a man and an animal.

Is business your cup of tea?!

I need to thank my ONLY astro teacher K Gopalakrishnan for these insights without which this particular blog wasn't possible at all.

"I have quit my job. And I am planning to start my own business. I am selling my ancestral property for 25 lakhs, and starting a bike showroom. Will I prosper?" asked my client. I said, "you will lose all your money and start going to work again."

Why does war happen?

I want a peaceful life. I don't want violence. I want my children to be safe. I don't want any bloodshed. I am sure every individual on the planet thinks the same. And in spite of this ever-existing universal feeling the world's civilisation has had dreadful pasts. Wars exist even today, innocent people are dying even today and even today most of the country's money is channelled towards defence, if not attack! And believe it or not - a part of every tax payers' money is going towards country's ammunition - which means every countryman is supporting a war - directly or indirectly!

The mud-slinging continues!

"kaminithottathil (7/12/2010 9:20:53 PM): Fuck off, like cheap indian politicians, who drag dailt card to escape from a controversy, you talk about west and east. Bullshit, just say sorry and hold your head high, that will earn you more respect than a meaningless blog post where you blabber without a clue for escaping. If you have the guts, keep the comments section open then you will know how your nasty ass is fucked roayally."

Who am I answerable to?

I got these messages on Yahoo messenger. The choices I had were - whether I should react or should I ignore them completely.

Beatriz: I think you should make Paul your Guru :)) lol

kaminithottathil: so, try your tarot for me too
kaminithottathil: pseudo astros' predictions are highly dependable, becoz we can take for granted that it will happen exactly opposite to the prediction

Who will win the FIFA World Cup?

Paul, the octopus, has been on the dot and also perfectly consistent in predicting the football ongoing. It has predicted ‘Spain’ to win the football World Cup. And I did a Tarot Card reading today to predict the winner and the cards showed Netherlands instead of Spain! So according to me ‘Netherlands’ will lift the FIFA World Cup!

Know if your husband is having an extra marital affair!

Ninety nine per cent of the men are sexual and 99 per cent of the women are emotional. This is a universal truth, and if you don't agree - then probably you belong to the 1 per cent who may be exceptions. For women 'love' leads to sex and for men anything and everything should lead to sex. This particular blog is dedicated to all those women who want to know whether their loved husbands are sleeping around without their knowledge.

An incomplete life!

I had predicted that his father will kick the bucket in the year 2010 and he did. But never in my craziest dream did I expect that my friend will push the grass even before his father! And I honestly didn’t predict this mishap. He was 34 years young, a car enthusiast, and an automobile engineer by profession. And he died in a car accident just a couple of months back. Reason – drunken driving!

My Ex Girl Friend called me after 11 years of silence!

“Do you recognise me’? Someone whispered over the phone. I recalled other girls’ names which was in synch with her voice. “You forgot your friend?” Came the reply. I still could not guess her name – because I never treated her as a ‘friend’ nor I wanted her to be a ‘friend.’ She revealed her name, and I was completely thrilled and excited. My immediate reaction was not because my ‘ex’ called me after 11 years of silence, but it was because that was a prediction I had done for myself and had told to my close people too – astrologically she will call me because she HAS to call me!

Though every individual carries a dream of becoming a big businessman - not everyone is destined to become one. Not all are chosen ones - and that remains the hard fact. I had a dream of becoming a cricketer, but ended up becoming an astrologer. Now I have a choice to make here - I can either remain unhappy forever for not having become a cricketer or remain eternally happy by accepting myself as an astrologer and work towards becoming the best in the industry! Now the best part is - it was an astrological prediction that I will become an 'astrologer.'

I am introducing new set of astrological services for both aspiring and existing businessmen.....

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