Astrological predictions for both 'existing' and 'aspiring' businessmen!

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Though every individual carries a dream of becoming a big businessman - not everyone is destined to become one. Not all are chosen ones - and that remains the hard fact. I had a dream of becoming a cricketer, but ended up becoming an astrologer. Now I have a choice to make here - I can either remain unhappy forever for not having become a cricketer or remain eternally happy by accepting myself as an astrologer and work towards becoming the best in the industry! Now the best part is - it was an astrological prediction that I will become an 'astrologer.'

I am introducing new set of astrological services for both aspiring and existing businessmen.....

Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!


Business or Employment - 90 USD

Before building castles in thin air, it is always better to know whether you really are destined for something bigger. Even though every individual wants to do something on his or her own, not everyone is destined to start and run a successful business. Some indeed do well as employed and some fail miserably on business front.

Get to know astrologically what will suit you the best - business or employment?

Which Business will Suit 'YOU' - 180 USD

If your horoscope shows good planetary combinations for business, then the next step is to know what kind of business will suit you astrologically.

Kindly note - this service can only be chosen if your horoscope already shows business combination.

Industry of Work for Employed - 180 USD

If you are destined to be a successful employee then might as well work in the industry that suits you the best astrologically.


Business Report for Businessmen (1 Year) 270 USD

Will you make profits or you will make losses this year? Will your effort and investments yield the planned results this year? Will your business get funding this year? What will be challenges you will be facing in the coming 12 months on business front?

Whatever business you already are in, come to know how exactly the planetary positions will affect your performance and your company's in the coming 12 months.

Company Name - 180 USD

Do you feel your company's name needs an astro-numerological facelift ? Or do you want to know if your company's name is numerologically correct and is in sync with your horoscope? Get suggestions and also spelling correction to your baby's name!

Partnership Compatibility - 234 USD

Are you joining the right hands? Get to know astrological compatibility between you and your probable partner before signing the partnership deed.

Ask One Question - 63 USD

Ask any one direct question related to your business, and get the answer in your inbox within 48 hours.

Muhurta - 180 USD

Are you starting a new business? Are you expanding your wings? Are you moving into a new office space? Are you getting a new partner? Are you launching a new campaign? Or are you making a new movie!

Get the best astrological date and time for the same!

Business Decisions - 450 USD

This service will provide 365 days access to me - via mail and messenger chat, to give you the apt astrological guidance and to help you in running your show.


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