The mud-slinging continues!

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"kaminithottathil (7/12/2010 9:20:53 PM): Fuck off, like cheap indian politicians, who drag dailt card to escape from a controversy, you talk about west and east. Bullshit, just say sorry and hold your head high, that will earn you more respect than a meaningless blog post where you blabber without a clue for escaping. If you have the guts, keep the comments section open then you will know how your nasty ass is fucked roayally."

It took me a couple of decades to arrive on a conclusion that women are dumb. They cannot think originally for peanuts. Women are only good at mugging up things, scoring marks and following instructions. Hence even in the 21st century you can find very few women in the creative world or women who have done things differently. Take any industry, except porn and modelling, men rule and will continue to rule. The above comment made by an unknown woman proves how they cannot read between lines!

Two important things I have learnt in my life are - to remain patient and to react only when you are not angry. Anger clouds your thoughts, and impatience deludes it. Reacting without anger doesn't mean you won't react at all. The reaction might remain the same - but this time with a smile on the face. That is exactly what Jackie Chan is all about - attack with a smile on the face!

I have a very clear disclaimer on my site, which says the following -

*BLOG is a place that encourages free and creative expression, and as in any environment where people are given this freedom, conflict may arise. If an author uses language or materials that offend you, LEAVE.
*You are here out of your OWN choice and not by FORCE.
*I am a self-obsessed guy and I write blog for myself and few friends I know.
*I promise you that I will never spam your mail nor point a gun on your head to read my blog.

In simple language it means - you cannot go to a brothel out of your own will, and expect tight pussies!

I enjoy writing and sometimes am short of good topics to blog. And exactly at that time the almighty sends me these kinds of brainless people who buzz me on Yahoo messenger and give me some free entertainment along with a topic to write about. If my nonsensical musings gets me few hundred page views - I am the happiest soul on the earth.

Few kind words to Kamini (sounds a great name if Hindi meaning is attributed)

*With whatever minimal education that has been showered on you - kindly learn how to read between lines. Concentrate more on the pointed, than the pointer. (God only knows if you will understand what I am trying to say)

*I surely would have said a sorry if you had balls, instead of....

*Thanks a ton for spending your precious time on reading my meaningless blog. This shows how meaningless life you should be living. My personal request is that you concentrate more on buzzing your boyfriend or husband than getting royally fucked by an astrologer - that too when the whole world is watching!

*I am not the escaping type. Tell me when and where I should be meeting you in person. I surely want to see your face - at least after you read this blog.

*Web space is money for me and hence I don't keep my comments open. It is like - you don't keep your house toilets open for public use the same way I don't allow people to shit on my blog!

*About the ass getting fucked royally - I am game for the same only if you believe in give and take policy. Few things are exciting only when it is meant literally.

And to end the blog - let me pray for you. May God Bless your husband a happy married life and your children a great hostel life!


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