Who am I answerable to?

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I got these messages on Yahoo messenger. The choices I had were - whether I should react or should I ignore them completely.

Beatriz: I think you should make Paul your Guru :)) lol

kaminithottathil: so, try your tarot for me too
kaminithottathil: pseudo astros' predictions are highly dependable, becoz we can take for granted that it will happen exactly opposite to the prediction

kaminithottathil: what man?
kaminithottathil: pls remove the post from your site
kaminithottathil: it stands as the best testimony of your skills as an astro
kaminithottathil: busy PREDICTING?

I surely would have ignored their messages, if they had taken the pain to send me appreciation for the FIFA World Cup prediction, which I did in 2006 - http://www.askenni.com/archives/2006/07/prediction_for.html - that was even before Paul was born or discovered. Hence I thought of reacting.

I don't belong to the clan of astrologers who predict two different things to different news papers and boast about one that has come right. I don't belong to the clan of astrologers who remove their wrong predictions from their site, and show only the right ones. I don't belong to the clan of astrologers who manipulate with the dates on their websites - just to show they predicted the event before it took place. And I don't belong to the clan of astrologers - who without knowing the ABCD of astrology, write for prime newspapers and talk as if Lord Ganesha is their grandfather.

If my predictions come right, I stand there with my head up. And if my predictions go wrong, I still stand there - but this time with my balls out.

The people who otherwise expect scientific explanations for the predictions made by astrologers of India - kindly let me know the SCIENTIFIC explanation about how an octopus has been so consistent in predicting football matches? Or the acceptance is just because Indians have yet to stop their 'butt licking' attitude towards the white skins?!

In India astrologers who predict life events using parrots are made fun of, called fakes called pseudos - that too mostly by Indians - and when the similar news comes from the West - it becomes the most read news! Why is that?

Paul is all over the Internet, but which Indian has ever shown Indian parrots in the right light? Why is it - that Indians ask for scientific explanation from an illiterate parrot astrologer, but accept what comes from the West blindly?

What is the explanation? Rather what is the scientific explanation?!

Indian astrology for ages has been shouting on top of its voice that 'Life' is predictable. Whether it is Paul or it is Palaniswamy from India - the art is the same. It is just the tools that differ.

When I took up astrology as a full time profession - I asked myself - right or wrong - who is to be held responsible? Who am I answerable to? The answer was clear. I am answerable only to 'MY' fucking conscience and THE fucking almighty and no other mortals!


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