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Two events that helped me change my attitude!

Both these people exist as proficient healers for the last 25 years. One is a MBBS doctor and the other follows the Unani method of curative. Both are adept at knowing health patterns, and both are experts in curing people. Both of them started their careers primarily to help people. And to serve human beings was the only aim they had in life. Money was ALWAYS secondary to them when they started their career. But what did life teach them in the process?

What is the 'Indian' culture we are boasting about?

The present India is nothing but a piece of shit. And there is no denying that fact. The politics, the government, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the press, the system, and the economy - all have gone down the drains. And if we see realistically it surely will take another 500 years for India to be called a developed country on the international map. That is one of my honest predictions too. Ignoring this hard hitting truth, Indians take a lot of gratification in being proud of her culture. I took some time to analyse, what Indian culture actually is.

Bad humour!

"I do astrology to help all the troubled souls on the planet and as an astrologer it becomes my sole duty to help all of them solve their personal problems. And in this regard I have dedicated my life to the service of mankind through astrology." If you think that is what I want to portray myself as - then you are completely mistaken.

2011 yearly predictions for YOU!

The yearly predictions for the year 2011 are done based upon your Ascendant (Lagna), and not your Moon sign (Rasi) or Sun sign (based on date of birth). Important planetary positions and important transits like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are very well taken into consideration. For personalized predictions it is always advisable to consult an astrologer.

Is 'Kashmir' part of India?

I know India's territory only through the history books I have read in school. According to the books - India had a crown (which is missing these days in the maps of India) called Jammu and Kashmir. And I always thought Kashmir is part of India. None told me that Kashmir was a disputed region - which neither belonged to India nor Pakistan. And none told me what exactly is the dispute between India and Pakistan! Everyone said - Pakistan is a terrorist country, and that it is attacking India for personal gains. The real jolt came to me when someone told me that - no Indian born anywhere in the country can buy a piece of land or house in Kashmir!

It is not cricket that makes Sachin 'GOD'!

Not everyone likes cricket. And there are many who with time have understood the futility of watching a cricket match - one of them being me. Rest of the Indians are those who think they cannot be called a patriot if they don't love cricket! For a while keep the game of 'cricket' aside and go through this wonderful article -which talks more about the formula for success than the game!

3 idiots!

This one is going to be a long read for you - so be prepared. It is 'comments' shared on facebook among 3 well-educated people born in India. The people in conversation are Preetham Sai, Ankit, and Myself.


Me - being born to a Hindu father and a Christian mother, I had a choice to select my religion and I chose to be a Hindu. I have chosen Lord Narayana as my deity, and will stick to him. But then with my understanding and research on various religions - I surely can vouch that for the humankind and for the society to grow spiritual - Islam is the best religion!

What a long 'beard' means to many!

I have a long beard - and there is no religious or astrological reason behind it. I have it for two important reasons. The foremost reason is - I don't shave, and the second important reason is - I like it! Since childhood I have admired beards of people like Osho, Aurobindo Ghosh and Rabridranath Tagore. If not an intellectual like them, I at least feel good to have something in common.

Verdict on Babri Masjid - mere injustice!

Has young India moved ahead or become spineless in the last 18 years? Good there is no violence across the country, and no life is lost after the one-sided verdict. But few questions remain unanswered - on one side the country called December 6, 1992 as a black day in Indian history and till today accepts that the demolition of Babri Masjid was a criminal act. And on other side we are acting as if we have done justice to the Muslims by giving 2 parts of the land to Hindus and one part to the Muslims!

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