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Who is corrupt - India or Indians?

It is always an elated feeling to point fingers at the politicians saying they are corrupt. And today we also can feel better by pointing fingers at the journalists. What remain are the judiciary and the bureaucrat - it isn't that these bodies are not corrupt; it is just that they have not got caught as yet or they have enough powers to never to get caught.

Will Satya Sai Baba live till 96?

Once my teacher took me to meet a not-so famous and a not-so luxurious saint. We were sitting in his presence, and the saint suddenly said - he might leave his body soon. And my teacher with a challenging tone said - you won't, don't worry! I was a bit zapped. I always thought saints know everything about themselves and they can leave their body whenever they want. But it was through my teacher I understood that - even saints have their charts/horoscopes, and even their lives unfold only according to the planetary positions and planetary motions!

The Good and the Bad!

You will be doing irreparable damage to your life if you apply spiritual rules to materialistic life and vice versa. Spirituality says - there are no good and bad people as such, and that one should always try to see the goodness even in the bad people. If you go on that journey - you surely will be digging your own grave sooner than later. A successful person is not the one who has identified the goodness in a bad person, but is the one who is able to differentiate good people from the bad ones and decides to stick to good people and alienate the bad ones.

Happy Diwali to YOU!

Askenni wishes all its friends, clients, and foes a very happy and safe diwali!

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