The Good and the Bad!

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You will be doing irreparable damage to your life if you apply spiritual rules to materialistic life and vice versa. Spirituality says - there are no good and bad people as such, and that one should always try to see the goodness even in the bad people. If you go on that journey - you surely will be digging your own grave sooner than later. A successful person is not the one who has identified the goodness in a bad person, but is the one who is able to differentiate good people from the bad ones and decides to stick to good people and alienate the bad ones.

A forced good action like donating money, or feeding the needy, or giving a helping hand to the needful by a bad person need not make him a good person. And an accidental bad action by a good person need not make him a bad person. Instead of categorising people as just good and bad people - it is ideal to categorise people into - 'basically good people and 'basically' bad people.


A basically good person will continue to remain good even if he is put in a bad situation. People like Robinhood are examples, where in spite of their bad action the end results happen to be good. And basically bad people are ones like our Indian politicians - where in spite of having a chance to be good, they prefer to remain corrupt.


Personally in my life, I have seen only 'basically' bad people having all the success in their lives. That is only if we consider money, fame, luxury and prosperity as signs of success. And basically good people die serving the basically bad people for God knows what reason.


Chanakya says - if you are trying to be honest in a society that is bad, you are bound to fail. Hence it is better to join the crowd than fighting alone.


Another rule of life is - if you are a 'basically' good person, you will be surrounded by bad people, where most of your life will be spent in trying to make the bad people good, and in the process you will fail miserably. And if you are a 'basically' bad person, you will be surrounded by good people, where in help will rush to you and you can have the luxury of being treated as a King always.


The society is bad, so the choice left with you is whether you remain good and die unsung, or you join the crowd and become successful monetarily!




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