Who is corrupt - India or Indians?

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It is always an elated feeling to point fingers at the politicians saying they are corrupt. And today we also can feel better by pointing fingers at the journalists. What remain are the judiciary and the bureaucrat - it isn't that these bodies are not corrupt; it is just that they have not got caught as yet or they have enough powers to never to get caught.

As far as animal products are concerned there is a beautiful phrase, which says - 'when the buying stops, the killing stops too.' Similarly corruption is not one sided. It is double sided always. If the people are ready to corrupt the officials, the officials can only be happy to receive it.


I wouldn't say I am not part of the any scam - that involves corruption. I have corrupted the village administrative officer, the revenue office and the Tahsildar of Tiruppur to get my legal heir certificate, which helped my mother get her pension on time. I had a choice not to corrupt - but if I had stuck to that - my mother, after 6 years of father's death, still would have not got her pension. Because these bastards have the knack of NOT asking, and also make you understand that things won't happen without you paying them.


The list isn't over. I had to corrupt the officer to get my father's death certificate. And I even had to corrupt the Income Tax Officer to get the address changed on my PAN card!


The question is not about who brings the corrupt officer to book or who unearths a corruption scam or what punishment should be given to the culprit. The question is about who has the balls and conviction to STOP giving - because if the giving stops the taking will stop too!


Before pointing fingers - we need to ask these questions to ourselves - how many of Indians have got their passports without corrupting the police? How many of us bought or sold our houses without corrupting the sub registrar? How many of us have walked away from traffic police without handing over him some money? I am sure there is NONE. Meaning every individual in India is corrupt, and the system is so sick that you are left with no choice but to be part of corruption.


If the feeling of corruption sickens you, the best bet is to leave the country and become a citizen of some other developed country. Now the argument is - all countries are corrupt, and that India ranks at some fucking 48th place in corruption. Agreed. But as said in the movie Indian/Hindustani - "corruption to surpass duty is fine, but corruption to DO the basic duty is unpardonable", that is exactly what happens in Mera Mahaan Bharat!




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