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Visiting Singapore and also Hong Kong in January 2011!

First of all I wish all my friends, clients and foes a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I admire Santa Claus for his love for gifting. And I thought from my end I can gift my readers something valuable for the year 2011and I chalked down the yearly predictions for all. You can check them by clicking here.

Visiting Singapore in January 2011!

I went completely 'virtual' a year back - and I myself am astonished that I didn't meet a single client face- to-face in the last 12 months! All the consultations either happened through mail or on messenger chats. Well I thought I will break this virtual presence for a while - and be available for real for couple of days. I am making a visit to Singapore to meet a couple of my clients - and if you are interested or think your friends would be interested in 'consulting' me - do drop me a mail at

Reinventing life!

I never liked the concept of carrying a mobile phone. It was too much of an invasion of privacy for me. If you are driving and if you don't pick up the call - the caller gets offended. If you pick up the call and say - you will call back later, and then forget - the caller gets offended again. If you remember to call and then call later then you lose money. Hence I never invested in a good mobile and always carried a Reliance handset - which was 'donated' to me. By not giving much heed to mobile phones I failed to realise that unknowingly I was lagging far behind in this futuristic technology!  

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