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Visiting 'Dubai' in February 2011!

My globe-trotting continues! I will be meeting a couple of my clients in Dubai on 11th, 12th and 13th of February, 2011, and if you or any of your friends living in Dubai/Middle East need astrological predictions you can always mail me to fix an appointment.  My mail ID is kennedig@yahoo.com


The details I would need in the mail beforehand are -

Happy Republic Day!

I love meeting people who are original thinkers and also admire those who have an altogether different 'opinion' about a normally accepted concept. I met a businessman suiting that criterion in Singapore recently, who gave me an insight into a subject that shook my long held belief about India's favourite beverage - the chai (tea)!

Why 'we' lag behind!

I have travelled in Mumbai local trains for close to 3 years, and I surely can say it wasn't easy to travel 4 hours every day standing. Somehow I always had this feeling that the government paid some people just to travel to and fro so that none gets a seat to sit. Or else why will the trains ALWAYS remain full? Where do these many people come from and where do they want to reach?

My Singapore and Hong Kong visit!

Astrologically the period between September 2009 and November 2011 should see me starting my foreign travels. I knew that already looking at my own horoscope and it was double confirmed by an astrologer for whom I have high regards. Till the end of year 2009 I neither had a passport nor had any plans or desire to visit any country. I was a completely (un) happy and a (dis) satisfied resident of India. But then as my destiny unfolded based on the planetary positions - I already completed visiting 6 countries in 10 months!

Your opinion matters - part 3!

Just when I was waiting for a negative feedback - so that nature's balance remains intact! Well I am happy about the consistency about right predictions though!


Dear Mr. Kennedi


Your prediction about my timing of marriage is completely out of track. You prediction was start of January 2010 before that u simply said not possible. But My marriage happened in June 2009. Where as using the same details a local astrologer predicted correctly. So I am not satisfied with your prediction.


Thanks and Regards

Raja Ghosh

Your opinion matters - part 2!

Here are 'opinions' of couple of people who took 'ALL' the trouble to react to my last blog immediately!


Hi Kenni,


I have been an avid reader of your blogs for the past 2 1/2 years. I was seeking a goal and needed (re)affirmation and was all prepared to hear what I have beenwanting to hear when I consulted you. And then I stood  totally flabbergasted in front of the naked truth you revealed without bothering about what the client (I) might feel or think, unlike most astrologers existing today.

Your opinion matters - part 1!

"Kennedi is a very warm and empathetic person whose friendship and fundas on life I value. I will never forget the day he came to pick me up at Chennai railway station at 5 am, in his typical barefoot style and broad smile. We have our difference of opinion on many subjects but I respect his views and feel 'is bande mein kuch to hai'."

 - Rashmi Bansal (author of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots....)

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