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For my clients!

Recently I travelled to a couple of countries to meet my clients, and from my side I sincerely announced about my travel itinerary on my website. But then I never thought that not all my clients are regular readers of my blogs. I got a couple of mails from people telling me that they missed meeting with me because they never knew I was visiting their place! And they thought it would be ideal if I could mail them personally whenever I am visiting their places. I liked the idea.

Cricket World Cup 2011 - my predictions!

Mundane prediction isn't easy -and it ain't easy because there is no horoscope to be casted or chart to be analysed! Few astrologers invent their own techniques to predict, few use their psychic abilities, few toss coins in the name of God and few predict based on what the 'Financial Times' say - as if none other reads them.


Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!

Will 'Stock Market' suit you? - 90 USD
End of the day all of us move towards making more wealth and to seek good amount of luxuries in life. In the process many get carried, get greedy and aspire to make some fast monies without putting in much effort. Stock Market is one such industry where people 'assume' that they can make a killing and many a times they fail miserably. Remember - for everything in life you need immense luck and good support from the planets.
Industries that will suit you the best - 180 USD
If my answer is YES to the first question, then you can pull up your socks and get into selecting the industries that will suit you the best astrologically. I will suggest close to 5 industries and also a couple of companies that will help you multiply your money faster!

Yearlong astrological guidance - 540 USD
If I come to understand that astrologically your horoscope supports investments in stock market then be rest assured - I will be providing you yearlong astrological guidance about stocks via mail and chat which will help you maximise your profits and minimise your losses.

Please note - *None of the above services is 'applicable' for stock brokers.

*And kindly 'DON'T' expect 100 per cent accuracy from me. After all I am a human and I have my own limitations. But still I will see to it that I am accurate at least 90 per cent of the times.


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