Cricket World Cup 2011 - my predictions!

Bookmark and Share Mundane prediction isn't easy -and it ain't easy because there is no horoscope to be casted or chart to be analysed! Few astrologers invent their own techniques to predict, few use their psychic abilities, few toss coins in the name of God and few predict based on what the 'Financial Times' say - as if none other reads them.
Majority of the astrologers have had a decent life and also have made enough money by attributing everything to planets - but 'AFTER' the events have happened and not before it!

In my personal experience - I have seen very few astrologers predicting real events - that too in 'black and white.' As advised and accepted most astrologers love to take a calculative risk - because when they are wrong they aren't wrong completely. And when they are right - they can always take the credit home!

It is really funny that these days some astrologers write about probabilities and some give percentage analysis of a particular match or event. I am sure even if a kid with basic knowledge of cricket is asked about the odds for a match between Australia and India - it surely would give 60 to Australia and 40 to India! Now what is so great about making that kind of an analysis or prediction?

Both fear and the adrenaline gush hits the peak when an astrologer attempts to predict about real events. A right prediction 'might not' get an astrologer any stardom but a wrong prediction always gives enough opportunities to every Tom, Dick and Harry to point fingers. The hard earned reputation gathered all through the years might go for a toss and an astrologer can surely become a laughing stock in no time! Well.... I don't bother.

Personally I received many mails for my wrong prediction about FIFA 2010 and not a single one for FIFA 2006, which I had predicted correctly. Yup, that is life. Then why take this unnecessary risk? The answer is - for my own sake, and for my own kick!

I tried my luck for the warm up matches, and I wasn't happy with my predictions - I was only 40 per cent right. And now I am here to provide the list of my predictions for the upcoming matches. For a change I am not predicting the results of the matches one by one as I might lose interest mid way but I am giving all the predictions in one go - so that end of the day I know where I stand in mundane predictions!

May God Bless Me! Please note - God of course was used in making the prediction but coin wasn't!

1) 19 Feb, 2011 IND vs BAN - India will win

2) 20 Feb, 2011 NZ vs KEN - New Zealand will win

3) 20 Feb, 2011 SL vs CAN - Sri Lanka will win

4) 21 Feb, 2011 AUS vs ZIM - Australia will win

5) 22 Feb, 2011 ENG vs NED - England will win

6) 23 Feb, 2011 PAK vs KEN- Pakistan will win

7) 24 Feb, 2011 SA vs WI - South Africa will win

8) 25 Feb, 2011 AUS vs NZ - Australia will win

9) 25 Feb, 2011 BAN vs IRE - Bangladesh will win

10) 26 Feb, 2011 PAK vs SL - Pakistan will win

11) 27 Feb, 2011 IND vs ENG - England will win

12) 28 Feb, 2011 ZIM vs CAN - Canada will win

13) 28 Feb, 2011 WI vs NED - West Indies will win

14) 01 Mar, 2011 SL vs KEN - Sri Lanka will win

15) 02 Mar, 2011 ENG vs IRE - England will win

16) 03 Mar, 2011 SA vs NED - South Africa will win

17) 03 Mar, 2011 PAK vs CAN - Pakistan will win

18) 04 Mar, 2011 NZ vs ZIM - New Zealand will win

19) 04 Mar, 2011 BAN vs WI - Bangladesh will win

20) 05 Mar, 2011 AUS vs SL - Australia will win

21) 06 Mar, 2011 SA vs ENG - South Africa will win

22) 06 Mar, 2011 IND vs IRE - India will win

23) 07 Mar, 2011 CAN vs KEN - Kenya will win

24) 08 Mar, 2011 PAK vs NZ - Pakistan will win

25) 09 Mar, 2011 IND vs NED - India will win

26) 10 Mar, 2011 SL vs ZIM - Sri Lanka will win

27) 11 Mar, 2011 WI vs IRE - West Indies will win

28) 11 Mar, 2011 BAN vs ENG - England will win

29) 12 Mar, 2011 IND vs SA - India will win

30) 13 Mar, 2011 NZ vs CAN - New Zealand will win

31) 13 Mar, 2011 AUS vs KEN - Australia will win

32) 14 Mar, 2011 BAN vs NED - Bangladesh will win

33) 14 Mar, 2011 PAK vs ZIM - Pakistan will win

34) 15 Mar, 2011 SA vs IRE - South Africa will win

35) 16 Mar, 2011 AUS vs CAN - Australia will win

36) 17 Mar, 2011 ENG vs WI - England will win

37) 18 Mar, 2011 NED vs IRE - Ireland will win

38) 18 Mar, 2011 NZ vs SL - Sri Lanka will win

39) 19 Mar, 2011 BAN vs SA - South Africa will win

40) 19 Mar, 2011 AUS vs PAK - Australia will win

41) 20 Mar, 2011 ZIM vs KEN - Kenya will win

42) 20 Mar, 2011 IND vs WI - India will win

And here is some logical inputs - as all the matches are played in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh which are known for their slow pitches - most of the matches will be high scored and any team with good number of swing bowlers and spinners will perform exceedingly well in this particular World Cup!


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