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My predictions for the CWC 2011 - Finals!

76 per cent right predictions in league matches, 50 per cent right in quarter finals, and 50 per cent right in Semi Finals!! My predictions for Cricket World Cup 2011 seem to be deteriorating with teams getting filtered out and obviously like anyone else I am not happy with myself. I neither used Tarot cards for the predictions nor did I use team members' horoscopes (checking horoscopes of all the players and then predicting the outcome is completely impossible). I used a technique which I thought I will share, if I got the desired results - but now that it ain't working - there is no point discussing about it.

My predictions for CWC 2011 - Semi Finals!

I honestly feel like what Ricky Ponting would have felt after losing to India! Precisely like a piece of shit - after getting only 50 per cent right for the predictions for Quarter Finals! Well the Semis are to be played on 29th and 30th, and here is my prediction for the same -

My predictions for CWC 2011 quarter finals!

I had done predictions for all the 42 league matches of Cricket World Cup 2011, and got 10 wrong out of them. Well I am 76 per cent right, where in I expected at least 80 per cent accuracy. Yeah, I surely could have achieved 80 per cent accuracy - had Kamran Akmal not dropped those 2 important catches of Ross Taylor standing behind the wickets or had Kevin O'Brien not come to the field with the soul of Lord Hanuman against England on that fateful day!

Now here are my predictions for quarter finals!

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