Satya Sai Baba no more!

Bookmark and Share I didn't predict Satya Sai Baba's death after he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit in March 2011. And also I didn't change my stance of his death after coming to know from his closest disciples that - he will die only when he will be 96 - as predicted by Satya Sai Baba himself - the Maha Avtar! In fact I predicted his death- when he was still hail and healthy!

Though there are many birth details of Satya Sai Baba floating over the internet, I never made the prediction of his death based on his chart. It was an insight that I got when I saw him first, and also when I saw him the last time.

I surely was glad that I got a chance to have his darshan when millions only aspire to. But it is a different story altogether that I was really pissed off for not having his darshan from close quarters like few celebrities do - which includes Sachin Tendulkar, Sonu Nigam or Manmohan Singh!

Not only that, I had this wonderful experience of interacting with Satya Sai Baba's disciples directly. And I honestly don't want to comment on their mental stature on the day people are mourning for this great soul's death! And today - one of the latest thought these disciples carry is - Satya Sai Baba will resurrect on the 3rd day!! My doubt is - why 3rd day? Third day just because Jesus Christ resurrected on the 3rd day?! I am sure Satya Sai Baba was talented enough and more original than other Indians to at least resurrect in different number of days than copying Jesus Christ in this regard!

It is a rule that when a master dies, the system collapses! Every system has collapsed till date - and that is exactly what will happen to Puttaparthi too! A Sai temple will be constructed in Puttaparthi because that happens to be the only source of sustainable income from now. And with time government will take over the temple by creating some controversy - who doesn't appreciate millions of easy money flowing for doing nothing?

All said and done - I am sure Satya Sai Baba didn't die today morning at 7.40 am. I am sure he died much before, but then they just wanted to get the successors first before announcing Baba's death. They found the successors yesterday, got the police a couple of days back, made his disciples ready for the death - and took the right time to let the news out!

On a different note, I am glad that Satya Sai Baba died 10 years earlier than he predicted for himself. How long can he force himself to give darshan twice everyday (he did that for almost 50 years!!!)? And how long will he have the energy to read all those letters of unending sad sagas of his disciples?!

May Baba's soul rest in peace, and may his disciples find other loser Godmen to cater to their unhappiness and woes!


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