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Friday the 13th!

A journo asked me to contribute my astrological inputs on Friday the 13th! Here is the piece which was published in The New Indian Express newspaper, Chennai edition on 12th May, 2011.


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Desperation, Vulnerability, and Helplessness!

If a man hasn't experienced desperation or vulnerability or helplessness in his entire life then he surely is an unfortunate person. And if a man 'has' experienced desperation, vulnerability and helplessness and not become wise in the process then he is more unfortunate than the previous one. That way I have been highly fortunate - I have experienced all of them and have been showered with loads of wisdom, which help me guide people day in and day out!

Predictions for Jupiter transit 2011!

Astrologically the planet Jupiter moves into Mesha (Aries) Lagna from Meena (Pisces) Lagna in May 2011, which essentially is called Jupiter transit. Jupiter will stay in Mesha lagna for close to 12 months that is till May 2012 - and this particular transit will bring important changes in EVERYONE's life. You would have already noticed some of your friends or close relatives changing their house, or changing their place of residence, or changing their jobs already. These events are essentially due to Jupiter transit!

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