Rajni Kanth's health!

Bookmark and Share As we all know Rajni Kanth isn't just an actor, he is a phenomenon. But then in the world created by God - none is imperishable, and none can escape the cycle of life and death. If you are born a human - whether you become an Avtar or become a Super Star - you are bound to die someday!
I surely don't have Rajni Kanth's correct horoscope. As usual - there are many floating on the internet. If I had the Rajni's exact horoscope - predicting death isn't a herculean task! But let me predict something based on my insight...

I listened to an audio file of Rajni Kanth uploaded by one of his fans, where Rajni is trying to address his fans. The tone of his speech is surely worrisome....I strongly feel his vital organs have gone for a toss - which includes - lungs, kidney, heart, and brains. And the main cause for them I am sure is all the cigarettes he puffed and the alcohol he consumed in his hay days.

Now let me cater to the million dollar question - whether everything will be alright with the Super Star. And the answer is as follows -

*he surely will NOT become normal. There surely will be a MAJOR difference in Rajni before May 2011 and after May 2011 - as far as his health, outlook, personality and physique is concerned.

*in the coming years his health will deteriorate leading to more number of hospitalisations and medical assistance.

*I strongly feel he will not survive more than 4 years from now.

God Bless All


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