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Saturn Transit 2011!

The planet Saturn will move into Thula Rasi from Kanya Rasi in November 2011 and stay there till November 2014. This particular transit will bring important changes in individuals' lives. For few it will bring great news and few it will be disastrous.

Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 6!

The magazine was well received by all, and we also got most of the advertisements booked for the next 6 months. All was well except two things - one - we didn't have any money to bring the 3rd issue, and two - a sick incident made a major impact on us, leaving behind only bad memories.

Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 5!

When I started this business series, I thought my failure episodes could be covered in not more than 3 parts. But then it is stretching to an extent that I already feel like I am writing a biography of Abraham Lincoln. I think even success stories are written in lesser number of words.

Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 4!

"Are we digging our own grave," asked my sister after noticing her introduction in Part 3 of this series. I said, not at all. Ninety per cent of the people just carry a dream, and don't put any effort to achieve it. We at least have tried it - 10 odd businesses in 10 years is no joke, it could be a record in itself. And the adventure surely was mind blowing!

Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 3!

In the late 90s the energy dissipated by the DOT COM bubble was too much to handle. Anyone with a new idea was making news and anyone with considerable amount of intelligence was getting millions of funding. I saw an untapped business opportunity here - yet again!

Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 2!

Super Star Rajini Kanth invariably has a profound influence on all Tamils . He had on me too. Whether it is about challenging the enemies or making it big in one single background song - it is always great to live life on Rajini's principles and philosophies. One of them I took very seriously was - making your hometown proud (pirande ooruku perumai seru).

Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 1!

I hereby declare that these are the only businesses I have flopped so far in my life, and any other businesses attributed to my story of failure are a complete work of fiction and personal imagination.

I always had a dream, and was ever ready to connect the dots, but in spite of having enough hunger, destiny preferred to keep me foolish. I don't know how much 'entrepreneurship' was present in our bloods (our - me and my sister), but we surely were clear that we never wanted to do a 9 to 5 job.

Deaths could be funny!

Out of many prayers I have for God, one of them is to give me a decent death. I don't mind dying in my sleep, or in a plane crash or being shot dead. But then my soul surely won't rest in peace if I die slipping in a bathroom or by a coconut falling on my head! What kind of death could that be? And what will my close ones say to people who come and ask for the reason for my death! I don't want to leave a giggle on the faces of people who have come to grieve my passing away.

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