Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 1!

Bookmark and Share I hereby declare that these are the only businesses I have flopped so far in my life, and any other businesses attributed to my story of failure are a complete work of fiction and personal imagination.

I always had a dream, and was ever ready to connect the dots, but in spite of having enough hunger, destiny preferred to keep me foolish. I don't know how much 'entrepreneurship' was present in our bloods (our - me and my sister), but we surely were clear that we never wanted to do a 9 to 5 job.

Whether it is about filmstars, sportsmen, industrialists, or celebrities the world is always busy with 10 per cent of success stories. Books are written on them and they happen to snatch the limelight forever. I thought I would write something about failures, and why not start from me!



My parents lived in Tiruppur - the T Shirt capital of India, and I did my graduation and post graduation living in Coimbatore (Tiruppur is just 45 kms from Coimbatore). Whenever I wore a T shirt at hostel, guys used to compliment me, and ask me to get a similar one the next time I visited Tiruppur. Of course, they promised to pay for the T shirts.

I indeed found a lucrative business opportunity there. So whenever I visited my parents, I would buy some 10 T shirts using my pocket money, and carry them all along. Out of mere excitement my frequency of visiting my parents increased to an extent that my father embarrassed me by asking - why do you visit us so often?!!

Guys would be all excited to open my suitcase, and I would call all those who asked for the T shirts. Those were the days when I never knew that - men were worse than women when it comes to buying garments.

"Do you have other colours in this?" "Do you have another size?" "I want this design, but in that T shirt." End result, I could only sell 3 out of 10 - of course with a profit margin. My close friends always knew that I was completely incapable of saying a no. So deep down they knew, whether they pay or not - end of the day - the new T shirts are going to be in the same room! And the accumulated stocks were more than enough for 5 guys for the whole year.

Moral of the story - Never take compliments seriously!


A friend ditched us at the last moment for a newly released movie, and we had an extra ticket on hand. We didn't know what to do with it, and as we were standing outside the theatre clueless, one guy offered us double the amount for the ticket. We at once sold it, and used the money to eat an extra packet of popcorn during the interval. I found another lucrative business opportunity!!

Who cares whether you watch a particular movie (except Rajini Kanth's) on the first day or the last day. We four friends waited for a new movie release, pooled our pocket monies, and bought some 10 tickets standing in a rogue-filled long queue for hours.

Selling an extra ticket the first time wasn't scary at all. But holding these 10 tickets on hand was creating some kind of funny feelings in the tummy. We all were confused - whether we felt like peeing, or shitting or both together.

We sold a couple of tickets ignoring the dirty looks of the buyers, and to ease the stress we didn't miss watching the movie either.

The next time we were at the theatre for a new release, we incidentally watched a professional being hit so hard by a cop for selling tickets in the black that without any oral communication or discussion of any kind - we wrapped up the business.

Moral of the story - No business is worth police lathi charge!

To be continued.....


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