Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 2!

Bookmark and Share Super Star Rajini Kanth invariably has a profound influence on all Tamils . He had on me too. Whether it is about challenging the enemies or making it big in one single background song - it is always great to live life on Rajini's principles and philosophies. One of them I took very seriously was - making your hometown proud (pirande ooruku perumai seru).

Knitted garments refuse to leave me

After joining the Indian Express, Mumbai, and after getting accustomed to 10 pm to 10 am job, I thought I still had a lot of time on my hands, and still can do something big. I clubbed in one of my school friends who had been sleeping at home for more than half a decade doing nothing. In those 5 years, I had completed my Bsc., in Chemistry, and MA in mass communication, and this friend grew only his hair, moustache, and body - he was as virgin as I had left him 5 years back.

I got few samples delivered in Mumbai, and now the only thing we needed to do was get a buyer. And who said God doesn't answer our prayers. We came across another friend of ours, who with great difficulty had failed in the 7th standard, and discontinued school. We met him, and the meeting went on well. The only problem I had with him was his attitude! He threw the same attitude I used to carry at school when I scored good marks and he failed in almost all subjects.

His 'guruhood' was a bit indigestible for both me and my friend, who had at least passed his 11th. But then "dhande mein sab kuch karna padtha hai." No gain without pain - as it is rightly said.

The buyer friend opened a Mumbai map, and marked two points, and clearly told us, "see Kennedi, from this area to this area, it is mine. And once you become a seller to me, you should not sell your products to anyone in this particular stretch!!" The two points almost covered the whole of Maharashtra. And after seeing the map and the cross marks on it I felt as if I am joining some underworld extortion business!

"Kennedi, what is your flat size?" He asked. I was a bit clueless, why does he want to know my flat size. And he said, "the biggest drawback in garment business is things getting stocked, and you need ample space to store them." To make me feel better he added, "my flat is just 1 bed room house, but then I have ladies undergarment close to 5 lakhs piled up." I did a simple mathematics, 5 lakhs divided by 10 (per undi) = 50, 000 undies under one roof!!!! He should be holding a world record then.

A nightmarish thought ran through our minds. A flat (with no lift) on the fourth floor, and rooms filled with ladies and gents' undies, and what if this bugger meets with an accident and dies midway?!! Who will I sell these undergarments to? And worst come worst even if I start wearing a new one everyday - for 50000 undergarments I will have to live for 136 years! We literally fainted, and didn't even bother to take the samples back!

Moral of the story - har ek friend jaruri NAHI hota hai!

To be continued...


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