Businesses I have flopped miserably - part 3!

Bookmark and Share In the late 90s the energy dissipated by the DOT COM bubble was too much to handle. Anyone with a new idea was making news and anyone with considerable amount of intelligence was getting millions of funding. I saw an untapped business opportunity here - yet again!

I got together 4 other colleagues who carried a dream of making it really big in a city like Mumbai. We brainstormed and arrived at a dot com idea. It was called!

Those were the days, when eyeballs mattered more than real money. So on this website of ours, you can just register any of your complaints - it could be related to products, or some service or government bodies, and we will take it forward to solve it! Five Anna Hazares came together in 1998 to be precise.

We took the idea to a Venture Capitalist, who cared a hair about the idea. Where is the money - he asked, and all the 5 stared at each other. The site was registered, and one single page existed for 1 year till the URL died a natural death.

I put an end to all my business ideas for a while and concentrated on my steady job, till I quit Express and came to join Sify in Chennai. In this 'oven' city a completely enthusiastic person who was 24/7 charged up with a never say die attitude was just waiting for me with open arms. It was none other but my elder sister - Vasanthi! (

It is said when Amitabh Bacchan and Dharmendra join hands on the silver screen, there could be nothing but euphoria. The same is true with me and my sister too! I don't know about the real euphoria, but then the expectation from us is way beyond it!

We both had worked with Jetwings, the in flight magazine of Jet Airways, hence we knew a little bit of publishing business. We thought, why not do a similar thing in Chennai? Why not do an in-house magazine for Spencer Plaza?! We pulled up our socks, and said to ourselves - this is our business now!

The magazine was called 'Shopper's Choice'

To be continued....


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