Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 4!

Bookmark and Share "Are we digging our own grave," asked my sister after noticing her introduction in Part 3 of this series. I said, not at all. Ninety per cent of the people just carry a dream, and don't put any effort to achieve it. We at least have tried it - 10 odd businesses in 10 years is no joke, it could be a record in itself. And the adventure surely was mind blowing!

They say failures are stepping stones to success. I am not sure if we are any success as on date, but we surely have gathered enough stones to reach the concept called SUCCESS in the near future!

On to the blog....

We called ourselves Icon Communications, and were fully ready with the blueprint. The idea was simple - Icon Communication will bear all the cost of the publication - content sourcing, designing, printing, , advertising, and marketing. And it will share 25 per cent of the profit with Mangal Thirth, the owner of Spencer's Plaza.

The manager was happy with the idea, now the only thing we had to do was to meet the CEO for the final approval. We got a dummy design on A4 sheets and nicely presented in a transparent file. The credit of aesthetics goes to my sister of course.

We introduced ourselves, and gave the CEO a gist of the idea, and handed over the sample to him. He flipped through few pages, threw the magazine on the desk, moved back on his revolving chair at a lighting speed and yelled "vat a tie!" We both went blank for a while and stared at each other with a million doubts in our minds. What on earth could mean "vat a tie!!!"

We turned our heads helplessly towards the manager for some clarity of thought, who incidentally looked a bit relieved and happy. He clarified that the CEO is saying, "worth a try" - and we had a sigh of relief. I wonder why many people fail miserably in synchronising their voice, accent, tone and body language for the right output!

Thankfully half the milestone was crossed now, and the only thing we didn't have now was - a single penny!

To be continued...


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