Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 5!

Bookmark and Share When I started this business series, I thought my failure episodes could be covered in not more than 3 parts. But then it is stretching to an extent that I already feel like I am writing a biography of Abraham Lincoln. I think even success stories are written in lesser number of words.

Well on to the blog...

This part of my life - I call begging!

After our bizarre marriage episodes, our father wasn't in any talking terms with us. Hence asking him money for starting Shopper's Choice, the in-house magazine of Spencer Plaza, was completely ruled out. The next choice was to make a list of people in our family, who had made it big, and who could have the capacity to sponsor our project. And out of 200 odd relatives, we could only filter out one.

We explained our idea to him, he listened to us very patiently, and offered us a sumptuous breakfast. And it ended there.

We had heard a lot about this self-employment schemes being offered to women by the Indian government. We thought why not give it a shot. And the next day morning at 7 am we were at the then Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's house. The last thing we expected here was a long queue! It seemed as if people are standing with their request letters since the previous night!

We were the only decently dressed people in the queue, and one senior guy approached us with a lot of sympathy in his eyes. He asked us, "what is your problem?" And we innocently said, we are looking for funds for woman's self employment scheme. He asked, "what is the business you are planning to start?" We said, "a magazine". And he clearly made us understand how self employment schemes work.

First of all - government funds are not allotted for 'ideas' (the magazine comes under idea category), secondly businesses involving machineries are funded easily (we had no machineries involved). He said, "you can continue to stand in the queue, and try your luck if you have plans to start a printing press." Five minutes was too less a time for us to change our plans from starting a magazine to starting a printing press just because the government funds machineries. We quit. I mean we quit the queue.

My sister was always blessed with good friends hence she was able to borrow some money from one of her friends. And as I was employed with Sify those days, I went for a personal loan. The funds were in place and we came out with two beautiful issues of Shopper's Choice - which unluckily came to an abrupt end!

To be continued...


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