Businesses 'We' have flopped miserably - part 6!

Bookmark and Share The magazine was well received by all, and we also got most of the advertisements booked for the next 6 months. All was well except two things - one - we didn't have any money to bring the 3rd issue, and two - a sick incident made a major impact on us, leaving behind only bad memories.

When we started off, we never knew that there was major politics existing inside Spencer Plaza. The shopkeepers and the owners of shops didn't have a very good relationship with the management. And the shop owners were under the impression that the magazine belonged to the management and not a third party - which was us.

What went to print about the happenings of mall was the content provided by Mangal Thirth. And in the glossary of shops and the stuff you can buy there - they made a mistake. Instead of original ornaments they put artificial ornaments adjacent to one of the Kashmiri shops - reason enough for the chaos.

All the Kashmiris owning shops in Spencer Plaza got together and created a riot-like situation. And one of them took some 100 magazines of ours - and tore them in front of us and put them into the garbage!

I once thought that I should use all my political contacts, and offload at least 2- lorries of gundas, and put an end to these Kashmiri shops in Spencer Plaza. But then I never had any contacts - hence had to gulp down my anger and frustration.

Moral of the story - terrorists are not born, they are made!

We ended it there....we paid back our loans and rested for 3 years before we jumped on to a new idea!

To be continued...


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