Deaths could be funny!

Bookmark and Share Out of many prayers I have for God, one of them is to give me a decent death. I don't mind dying in my sleep, or in a plane crash or being shot dead. But then my soul surely won't rest in peace if I die slipping in a bathroom or by a coconut falling on my head! What kind of death could that be? And what will my close ones say to people who come and ask for the reason for my death! I don't want to leave a giggle on the faces of people who have come to grieve my passing away.
I could have lost my job when I asked my boss if we could cover this story on One fine morning a window air conditioner fell from the Express Towers (Nariman Point) building for no obvious reason, and landed on a pillion rider of a scooter. The guy was dead on the spot. But that wasn't the news. The human interest factor in the news story was - the person who was on the pillion seat gave off the vehicle to the rider just 5 minutes prior to the mishap. Moral of the story - jab naseeb hai g***u, to kya karega pandu!

One of my friends rejoined the college after 2 months of sick leave. Everyone knew he met with an accident, but then weren't sure what really happened. He limped back to the hostel, and I asked him what went wrong? He said, he was hit by a motorcyclist who was on an Enfield Bullet.

As a curious cat, I asked him how much did you spend on the hospital bill, and he replied, close to 2 lakhs. I asked him did the motorcyclist compensate for the damages done. He replied, no with a sad face. I yelled back, why?!! Why didn't you file a case against him and get all your money back. He replied, "that bugger is dead!" In a low tone I asked him how? And he said, the motorcyclist hit his legs, and went on to fall on the road, and a jeep went over the motorcyclist's head!! Spot dead! I honestly couldn't stop laughing.

I always thought I was the only person who hates non-heroic deaths. But then there are many, who feel the same I am sure. "Why don't you wear a helmet?" I asked my 35 year old male office colleague. And he said, "because I ride a TVS Scooty." "So?" I remarked. And he said, "first of all I am ashamed to ride this nonsense. On top of this if I wear a helmet, my neighbours won't respect me anymore, and the last thing I want would be to die riding a SCOOTY!."

Deaths are of many kinds, some tragic and some surely funny. Out of all kinds of deaths reported, none has so far been reported to have died having sex. Osho in one of his books says, sex is so divine that none has ever died having sex. Is it really true? Or none had the balls to confess it!

Just wondering how will a wife narrate the death of her spouse who died screwing her!


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