I 'try' not to repeat mistakes!

Bookmark and Share I have been blessed with a photographic memory, and I have always been proud of it. I never forget faces, and I don't forget people's destiny patterns. Well if I am pathetic in something then it is the sense of direction. I cannot remember the way to a particular place until and unless I am guided a least 10 times - that too by the same route. If you use a short cut to reach the same place, then I will consider that as a new route!
I have always loved to surprise people, and one of the ways to do that is to spot and identify a schoolmate or a college mate or an office colleague after decades. I have done that to many people and most of the times the person on the other side took a long time to recognise me or never could recollect who I was. But then the very challenge gave me a lot of kick.

Couple of years back I experimented the same with one of my college mates. I spotted him, walked across to him, and called him by his name. I loved the surprised look on his face, and I think for a moment he felt he was some kind of celebrity. I told him who I was, and he just refused to press his rewind button. Even if he did, my scenes of existence were deleted long back from his memory lane. I tried my best for couple of minutes by narrating yesteryear incidents and common friends to squeeze his brains but in vain.

A bit tired he said forget it. "Now that we studied in the same college we sure were/are friends." We formally introduced ourselves, and when I said I am a full time astrologer, he said that is wonderful. "I surely would love to meet you - give me your card." I very proudly gave him my visiting card and we parted ways.

I told my folks about what he was and what he did those days. To my shock - there was nothing good about him that I could tell my people. He was known for his notoriety - well those days I believed people change with time!

The next day early morning I got a call from him, and he said he and his friend wanted to meet me. I said fine drop in. Why else would someone want to meet an astrologer?

They entered my consultation room, and I was all set for the reading. I asked for his friend's birth details, and my so called friend said, "Kennedi we have not come for astrological consultation." In fact we work for Reliance Insurance!!! I instantly got a bit dizzy!

Not to take any insurance policy is my "only" policy I have stuck to it for years. Hence when my sister joined ICICI Prudential - the first thing I told her was - please don't try selling insurance to me. I am paranoid about insurances and insurance agents. And here they are sitting in my room!!

I made my friend's friend understand why I am against insurance policies. He asked me to listen, and I told him - see my decision is a final 'NO.' If you still want to waste your time giving me your presentation - please go ahead. He understood how stern I was, and excused himself out of the room.

There was nothing my friend could talk to me now. And he asked me to do an astrological reading for him. I did. Then he gave me his wife's details. I did a reading for her. And finally he gave his son's details - I did the 3rd reading too. I never used to charge friends those days but the question whether I should consider someone - who never recognised me - as a friend filled my thoughts. If not then I already made losses - 3 free readings!!

They left. And the next day I got a call from the same 'person' and this time he asked for a loan!! So much so - to have identified a college mate?!! I said, "I am sorry." And never picked up his call again!

I still possess a photographic memory and I still recognise a lot of people at various places and countries - but now I don't walk across and surprise them! It doesn't give me any kick anymore, but instead scares the shit out of me. I think I am through hence I let go......


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