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Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!


Ask One Question - 63 USD
Ask ONE direct question related to health, education, friendship, school, personality etc and get astrological answer in your email!
Names for new born - 180 USD
Get the most suitable name for your child - both astrologically and numerologically. In the report your child's name will be tuned to the energy of the planet which dominates the chart.
Basic Horoscope and General Analysis of the chart - 243 USD
Life is destined, and that is the first rule of astrology. If you believe in it - then get a detailed report about your child's horoscope, the planetary placements, their impact of their life, and how far will he/she be going in this present life. In short - get to know the purpose of your child's life!
Education Report - 180 USD
Do you want to plan your child's career early? Find out what field will suit your child the best and also the kind of education he/she will get.
Career Report - 180 USD
Get a detailed analysis of your child's horoscope, and get to know the industry of work he or she will be choosing when grown up. Also know if your child has the potential and possibility to become a big movie star, or a famous sportsperson, or an international celebrity!
Marriage Report - 180 USD
I know it is too early to know about children's marriage prospects when they still are children, but then it helps when the children are in their vulnerable teens!


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