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Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!


Your horoscope - General Analysis & Your Life Pattern - 243 USD
Life is destined, and that is the first and the only rule of astrology. If you believe in it - then get a detailed report about your horoscope, the planetary placements, their impact of your life, and how far will you be going in this present life. In short - get to know the purpose of your life!
Unlimited horoscopes, unlimited questions - 396 USD
You got 1 full hour with me live on Yahoo messenger chat, and you can ask me unlimited questions pertaining to unlimited horoscopes! Well I am having this service based on my client's demand. What I need from you prior to the chat session are the birth details (Name, Gender, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth) of all the people for whom you need to consult (if possible with your relationship with the others). Kindly don't mail me any questions - you need to ask questions in the chat session ONLY!
Finance Report - 180 USD
Get a detailed astrological report about all that concerns about your money and wealth. The report will give you an accurate idea about the industry that will suit you the best to generate maximum money along with exact period (time frame) in which you will be reaping the highest benefits on financial front!
Health Report - 180 USD
Get to know the possible health problems you will encounter in the future so that you can orient your lifestyle beforehand to get the least affected. The report will let you know the planetary positions that will affect your biological organs and the time frame in which you should be extra careful!
Effect of Sade Sathi - 270 USD
Few get the biggest lifts in their lives during their 7 ½ years Saturn period and few lose everything they once possessed. That is the power of Sade Sathi. Get a detailed report about when your Sade Sathi starts, how it will affect your personal life, and what major changes it will bring about before getting over.
Dasha Analysis - 270 USD
Ups and downs are part of human life. Agreed. But when exactly will you be moving upwards in your life and when exactly will there be a downfall? It all depends on what period (dasha) you are running in your life. Get a complete analysis of the 'present' (running) Maha Dasha, with answers to specific questions. (The charges given above are for ONE Maha Dasha, if you want analysis for multiple Maha dasha, then the fees will be accordingly applicable)
Time Rectification - 360 USD
Exact date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth are the prerequisite for any astrological reading. And if by any chance, you have the mildest doubt about your date or time of birth - then you better rectify your horoscope and get it fixed before going in for any predictions from any astrologer.


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