Corporate Astrology

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Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!

Choose the right candidate for your firm - 180 USD
Apart from good educational qualification and work experience any organisation needs people who are honest, hardworking, dedicated and who carries the right 'attitude.' Recruit the candidate who has it all astrologically! Mail me the - name (optional), gender, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth - I will tell you whether he or she can contribute enough to your organisation's growth.

Office Vaastu (for individuals) - 234 USD
Whether you are the boss or a subordinate the two important things you aspire for at your workplace are good amount of career growth and perfect harmony with co-workers. Get to know the lucky directions that will bring you the maximum benefits at your office with regards to money, promotion and cordial relationship with bosses, colleagues and subordinates. (The report will give you the direction in which you should be sitting and the things you should keep or avoid on your desk to bring maximum luck)

Office Politics - 225 USD (Live 1 hour chat)
Wherever there are people and wherever there are hierarchies - 'politics' is inevitable! So get to know astrologically whether you need to fight back (how) or quit in style (when). Discuss your office problem, and get astrological inputs for the same.

Muhurta - 180 USDs
Before carrying out any important event like - starting a new project, asking for a promotion, submitting your applications for a new job, resignation, shifting of office space, taking up a new job offer, planning professional travels et al - first check whether planetary alignments are in favour of you!


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