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Saturn Transit - 180 USD
In the cosmic zodiac the planet Saturn changes its house every 2 ½ years and this brings major changes in individual's life affecting his/her personality, career, residence, finances, relationships and much more. Get to know how exactly the present 'Saturn Transit' will influence your life.
Jupiter Transit - 153 USD
The planet Jupiter transits a particular house every 12 months, and this leads to both good and bad events depending upon individual horoscopes. Jupiter fastens few events, and at the same time delays certain events. Get to know what the present Jupiter Transit has in store for you!
Rahu and Ketu Transit - 153 USD
This is yet another planetary transit which most good astrologers consider very vital. Both Rahu and Ketu transit a particular house at the same time, which leads to important changes in individual lives - both on professional, personal and spiritual front.
Transit Predictions - 324 USD
Get a detailed report about how - the present 'Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu' transits will bring changes in your personal life along with answers to specific questions.


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