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Two horoscopes that have 'awed' me till now!

Not everyone is born for greatness. And honestly 90 per cent of the people born have very small purpose and one of their main purposes is to act as a supplement for someone else's bigger purpose. The best way to understand this is by considering a small example. Of course every one working with Reliance industries have all the rights to think that they are born for bigger purposes, but then their sole purpose is to help the Ambanis to achieve their bigger purpose. So Ambanis are born for greatness, and rest working for them aren't! (well this is just an example).

Predictions that have come right!

"An astrologer should run a good time astrologically to get his astrological predictions right!" - G. Kennedi (c)

One important funda that Philip Kotler has missed to mention in his marketing bible is- 'if none else bothers to glorify you, it is better you glorify yourself.' And I will try my hands at it in this particular blog. To start with, I think I am the only astrologer to have predicted Maha Avtar Satya Sai Baba's death before time. Well that is old news. Since September 2011, when Saturn was about to move into Thula (Libra), the predictions on current happenings were quite accurate! Here it goes...

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