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How authentic are my testimonials?

Whenever we read any user feedback about a particular service - the very first thought that hits our mind is -it is fabricated. Add some interesting feedbacks with different usernames yourself - and you can have your way - who is going to find out anyways. Well to think that way is very human - and one of the persons who thinks on similar lines is me.

Where did the hatred go?

What constitutes a true Indian? He is someone who believes in non-violence when the very religion he follows for ages promotes violence - at least for dharma. He who thinks - supporting cricket is one of his prime duties as a true patriot when his national game happens to be hockey. He is one - who celebrates like mad when an Indian wins a medal at Olympics in spite of being completely unaware about who participated for which sport - before the event actually started. A true Indian is one - who believes in universal brotherhood with one exception - the Pakistanis. And fortunately I had an opportunity to spend some days with such an Indian living in UAE.

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