How authentic are my testimonials?

Bookmark and Share Whenever we read any user feedback about a particular service - the very first thought that hits our mind is -it is fabricated. Add some interesting feedbacks with different usernames yourself - and you can have your way - who is going to find out anyways. Well to think that way is very human - and one of the persons who thinks on similar lines is me.

I have always felt that good testimonials are manipulated to attract more clients. And it is easy - because you can never know the person or get in touch with the person, whose name was used, to find the authenticity of the feedback provided.

When someone comes forward to give me an oral testimonial - the first thing I ask them is to shut up. Whatever said orally - doesn't have any value in the long run. I have some million oral thanks to my credit - but then I cannot use them anywhere. I cannot even name the celebrities who did so - because it will be considered baseless - because there isn't any proof for the same. Hence instead I ask everyone to mail me whatever they felt honestly about my astrological abilities. This makes more sense to me - because I can keep them safe in my unlimited inbox space for future use.

Whatever testimonials that are showcased on my website are e-mails sent personally by my clients, and I have each and every mail sent safe in my inbox - and they will remain there forever as a proof of authenticity.

Do I do any changes to content? Yes of course I do.

I edit them for spelling errors, and cut the content which I find unnecessary. For instance the real feedback looks this way -

"hi kennedi,

i met you in the year 2004 in tidal park and later in 2005 your apartment in Adyar. Most of your predictions happened I want to have personal consultation awaiting your reply



And the edited version looks this way -

Hi Kennedi,

I met you in the year 2004 in Tidel Park and later in 2005 in your apartment at Adyar. Most of your predictions happened.



What about negative feedback? And what do I do with them?

Every profession attracts bouquets and brickbats but what matters is what is the percentage of each do you receive and how often. By God's grace I have been 90 per cent consistent, and hence I ignore the 10 per cent of negative feedback I get. Either I return the fees, or don't charge them anymore.


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