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What nonsense?!

I was brimming with excitement. Not many have trusted me so much that they call me to do a puja at their home. I got up at 4 am religiously, meditated for couple of hours, and was all set to leave my house at 6 am as the house warming ceremony was scheduled by me at 7 am. My friend wasn't a believer of astrology till he met me. A couple of right predictions from my end - and he got transformed into a firm believer. Having immense faith in me he called me to perform the house warming puja at his house, where he had newly moved in.

My 15 years of pain.....

I don't know if facebook has helped anyone to be become friendlier in life but then it surely has succeeded in converting many unhappy souls into upcoming philosophers. 'Pain isn't real.. it is all in the mind.' 'Pain is the stepping stone towards success.' 'Be bold to accept pain.' And the mother of all pain philosophies which is shared on FB is -'No Gain Without Pain.' To negate all these nonsensical mind over matter talks there is a beautiful proverb in the age-old-literature-rich-Tamil language, which profoundly says - 'muttai idure vaaathukuthaan su**** vazhi theriyum'. In English it would mean - only an egg-laying duck understands the pain in the ass.

Where did the bloody water go?

I was a good science student. But then once I completed my bachelor's degree in Chemistry, I said - enough is enough. The day I realised that - after a while even science starts to depend upon debatable theories for its existence - I changed my mind, and went ahead completing my Masters in Mass communication and Journalism - not out of interest of course - but for a completely different reason.

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